Our IXL Product Review

What is IXL?

IXL is both a technology and an education company that provides immersive, adaptive learning.

IXL helps kids learn:

  • K-12 Math – The unlimited number of questions and real-world scenarios helps kids experience math – and helps them “get” Math.
  • K-12 Language Arts – The fun visuals and interactive questions help learners build essential reading, writing, and grammar skills.
  • Science, Grades 2-8 – Vibrant visuals and fun facts inspire budding scientists to investigate their surroundings.
  • Social Studies, Grades 2-8 – Using immersive narratives and engaging visuals, IXL encourages students to examine history and society through a fresh lens.
  • Intro Spanish – The use of interactive questions, engaging audio, and real-world narratives helps lay the foundation for Spanish fluency.

And look at all the skills per grade level!

Not only does IXL help kids master fractions and subject-verb agreements, but IXL is fun – so kids enjoy learning. When my kids are having fun learning – I find that the learning “sticks”.

Plus, the IXL Continuous Diagnostic algorithm pinpoints what students know and what they’re ready to learn.

And since the questions are algorithmically generated, students never see the same question twice – no matter how long they practice.

BTW – here’s a FREE trial – if you’d like to give IXL a try.

FYI – here’s what my daughter completed on IXL today:

She logged on.

She answered a number of diagnostic questions to determine what she needs to work on.  Her Math scores are a bit low compared to her Language Arts scores.  BTW – when she started the diagnostic questions, she tried to do all the math in her head – so she made some mistakes on two digit multiplication problems (questions like 32 X 45 =).  When she missed a few of the multiplication problems, I suggested she use paper and pencil – but not a calculator!  🙂

Here are some of the screenshots of the diagnostic questions. 

And here are her results and recommendations

Below, are screenshots from some of the work she completed after she received the above recommendations. 

The Amazing graphic is for a Social Studies lesson (after a bunch of math problems, she switched to Social Studies). 

She’s working on Math again today.

Our IXL Product Review – What I like about IXL:

  • Everything mentioned below! Kids learning at their own pace, adaptive questions, interactive learning, the fact that IXL works for a wide variety of learners, immersive narratives, engaging visuals, real-world scenarios, and more.

  • Plus, there’s such a variety of topics!  Over 7,000!
  • The diagnostic feature is very nice.  My daughter knows exactly what she has to work on. So we’re not wasting time of stuff she already knows.

  • After the diagnostic – the Continuous Diagnostic algorithm pinpoints what students know and what they’re ready to learn.  Again, so nice – and efficient.  I’m a fan of efficient!  🙂
  • The explanations – when a student chooses an incorrect response, the explanations that follow are very thorough.
  • Access to every grade level.  If your child is ahead of her grade level in one subject – but behind in another  – no problem!
  • Kids can work at their own pace.  When my daughter tired of Math, she easily switched to Social Studies, and then ended her IXL day 30 minutes later.
  • The FUN factor.  Because she likes it, I’m sure she’ll stick with it.  Now, that’s important!
  • Flexibility – kids can access via a laptop,  iPhone apps, iPad, and Android tablets.  This flexibility is very nice.   And again, this will help her stick with IXL.
  • It’s easy to keep track of my daughter’s progress – to know exactly how she’s doing (I received an email today from IXL and of course, I can always log on and check out her progress).
  • And of course, she receives an immediate response to her answers.
  • My daughter likes earning awards!
  • Homeschoolers appreciate IXL.  I admit it – I like knowing that other homeschoolers recommend a product that I’m using.

  • Membership options!  I like options, don’t you?

In conclusion

We’re really happy that we had a chance to try IXL and we’re definitely going to continue with it.

In fact, my daughter logged on about 30 minutes ago, and is working on her Math!  🙂


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Our IXL Product Review
  • Our IXL Product Review

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