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Looking for a one-stop homeschool curriculum option that promotes independent learning and requires little preparation from a busy parent?, with their online homeschool curriculum can help! Keep reading to see how Jessica, a homeschool mom of 4, loved working on the review and how much she loves this learning platform for her kids!

Hi, I’m Jessica. A Homeschool mom of 4 with over 16 years of homeschooling under my belt. I was really excited when I had the opportunity to do a review because we’ve used the platform before and I wanted to incorporate it into our homeschooling routine as more of a core study vs supplemental. To give some background, is a great all-in-one learning platform. With expert-designed, self-guided homeschool courses for grades 3-12, each family can adapt the resources to meet their needs. Depending on the plan your family signs up for, you can also have the capability of building and assigning custom courses for your kids, as well as monitoring each kid’s progress individually. This way, each student can learn at their own pace. 

What’s especially nice about the courses on is the fact that they’re video based, but also include lesson transcripts, quizzes, and other learning components. That makes it a great fit, regardless of your child’s learning style. review

You’re reading the review that Homeschool Mom of 16 years, Jessica, wrote. Have questions about this review? Email her directly at Review:

Here are a few reasons we love for homeschooling. Review: Reason # lessons are designed to address multiple learning styles.

Many lessons are based around short, engaging, animated videos. Both auditory and visual learners benefit by both hearing and seeing the lessons.

In addition to the video, a transcript of the lesson is written out below the video. Students can print it out and highlight important facts. For kinesthetic learners, this physical interaction with the text can be a big plus. Review: Reason # 2The program helps to develop independent learners.

Besides automatic grading that will help both you and your students keep track of their progress, students can set goals for when they will start and finish courses. The ability to schedule not just what courses they take, but their actual study time teaches them valuable time management skills.

Video explanations for wrong answers help them truly learn the material, instead of just moving on without really understanding it.

And your students will have access to expert instructors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they always have someone to answer their questions. A big part of being an independent learner is knowing when you need to seek help! It also helps me as a parent because with 4 kids, it’s hard to provide 1-1 attention and help at all times during the day. Review: Reason # 3There is something for (almost) everyone in the family. 

Younger kids (and older ones too!) will enjoy the animated videos. These videos help kids see the concepts they are learning about, as well as hear how the subject’s vocabulary is pronounced.

Older students can take AP classes or earn college credit in multiple ways. They can prepare for taking CLEP tests while still in high school, and through the College Accelerator option, they can actually earn college credit. Review: Reason # 4Students can learn anywhere

With‘s mobile app, you know you’ll have access from almost anywhere. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you aren’t tied to learning from one specific place or time of the year.

So whether you enjoy road schooling or simply need to be away from home for an extended period of time, you can know that you can continue your studies. Review: Reason # 5 —  You Can Create Your Own Online Homeschool Curriculum

While it’s pretty incredible that has more than 4,000 video courses available, it’s also possible that you’ll find yourself needing to create your own course. What happens then?

I created a custom course by adding chapters or topics together. You can quickly create a custom course adding chapters (or topic names), using the search function to find prepared lessons to cover the topics, and saving the lessons to your Custom Course. Then you can share this with your student. review Review: Reason # 6 — You can tailor it to fit your family’s specific needs.

Whether you want to use the courses as the main curriculum in your home or as a starting point for other types of lessons, gives you the flexibility. Because there are so many resources on, it means you can choose how to use it in whatever way works best for your students.

Speaking of that (#6), here’s how could work in your home. It’s how we used the platform in our home during our review period:

Meet Jacob. He’s a homeschooled eleventh grader using for his core academic classes and electives and even to earn college credit! To cover his core academic requirements, he’s taking 11th grade English, Biology, Geometry and World History.

With‘s flexible learning format, Jacob and his parents can decide how many hours a day to devote to homeschool and when to study. He can also choose to take one course at a time or multiple at once.

Jacob sets up his study schedule on so that he can map out how long each class will take to complete.

Jacob loves math, so he starts each day with his Geometry course. He enjoys the 5 minute animated video lessons and appreciates the simple, clear explanations. After each lesson, he completes the practice quiz to check what he’s learned and reinforce his mastery. When Jacob gets stuck, he sends questions to their expert instructors for extra help. After each learning session, he reviews what he’s learned with his parent.

Jacob studies every day and tracks his course progress on his dashboard. He can see what concepts he has mastered and what he still needs to learn.

With, Jacob takes charge of his own learning while allowing his parent to track his progress. He’s able to customize his learning experience while still satisfying his state’s curricular requirements. The engaging video format and study tools make it easy to focus and stay on track.

Jacob is also taking two electives this year: government and health. He wants to get ahead on college, so he decides to upgrade to‘s College Accelerator plan, which will allow him to take the courses required for his homeschool curriculum while also earning transferable college credit. He starts with his government course. He watches the video lessons on his computer and prepares for his final exam by taking practice exams and prepping with flashcards. These courses are just like AP courses except that Jacob can take his final exam and earn credit at any time and from home. Jacob completes his courses in just 3 months. By the end of the school year, he’s on track to graduate high school and already has 6 credits he can transfer to his college.

With, Jacob and his parents don’t have to hunt down curriculum solutions from multiple providers. Everything he needs is in one place, at Plus, is easy to pair with other learning resources that you may be using. It’s a great supplemental resource for textbooks, other websites, and hands-on learning.

As a reminder, is an entirely online, portable curriculum that can be accessed from a desktop or via a mobile app. review

You’re reading the review that Homeschool Mom of 16 years, Jessica, wrote. Have questions about this review? Email her directly at

For homeschoolers, the premium plan makes the most sense since it includes access to all courses and online quizzes, and it tracks student progress, a feature not included in the basic plan. In addition, homeschool subscribers have the option of creating accounts for a family at no extra cost, with a free parent account that can be linked to paid student accounts. This makes it easy for parents to plan and monitor progress. The Homeschool Edition is $59.99/month for the family plsn. If you sign up for a full year, you’ll receive 45% off! Further, if you have a high school student, and want to have them work towards College credit, they can sign up for the College Accelerator plan for $199/mo. Your child can earn College Credits before they even start their College years. review

You’re reading the review that Homeschool Mom of 16 years, Jessica, wrote. Have questions about this review? Email her directly at

If you have a high school student, I also really love the option to research schools based on my child’s interests. has a very comprehensive section of their website that highlights schools based on what your student may want to study.

In short, our family has loved for all of the reasons I mentioned above. I hope this review has helped you better understand what capabilities you can utilize in your homeschooling. It’s a fantastic option for parents new to homeschooling, or parents with multiple children in the home. It’s also perfect for parents that want to know how their child is progressing, since it’s all automated through the platform.

Have any questions about this review? Reach out to me directly and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the platform and what we learned! My direct email is

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