Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum – An All-in-One Homeschool Program

To say I am excited to write this Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum review is an understatement. I have been homeschooling my kids for over 15 years and back when I started, all-in-one programs were not the norm and were difficult to find. They still can be today, but new homeschooling parents now have so many more options that I had when I was first starting. Do I sound jealous? Maybe I am. Honestly, I wish I had all of these resources when I was starting out and throughout the early years of my kids education. Don’t get me wrong, I loved crafting lesson plans for my kids and focusing on what got them excited. However, having a comprehensive homeschool curriculum like Rounded Schoolhouse would have been so much easier on me as a parent and teacher.

So, what is Rounded Schoolhouse? It is a subscription based online program that provides on-demand video lessons, printable worksheets, and realtime teacher support, plus access to over 40 weekly live group classes. Talk about ease! Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum is one of the simplest ways to provide a full education for your children from anywhere. No more hours spent planning curriculum, teaching, and tutoring. Let them handle the heavy lifting for you. You’ll thank me later!

So before I get into the details of this curriculum, I want to outline what you get and the pricing. I believe the best option is the $49/mo option which gives you everything. All subjects for $49 a month with teacher support and live classes! For that price, are you wondering if it is a good quality? I can assure you it is. It’s great quality that’s worth every penny and more! You can choose what works best for your child. If they don’t like live classes, you don’t need to do them. You can use the video curriculum. If your child needs or wants that face time with the teacher, they can have it. Since every child has different learning styles, this curriculum is perfect for any family as you customize it to meet your students needs. You get a lot with the Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum. Including:

  • 180 days of video curriculum from real, qualified teachers in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

  • 40+ Live Group Video Classes every week with classmates and teachers for extra learning, fun, and socialization

  • immediate help via text chat from a real teacher during school hours

  • auto-graded quizzes, assignments, and assessments

  • printable worksheets with every lesson for extended learning and practice

  • a full year of Social Emotional Learning for personal development

  • answer keys and rubrics for creative independent work

  • a full transcript/record of learning progress for your portfolio

  • exclusive access to our private Rounded Schoolhouse Roblox Group to meet and play with friends any time

  • access to Roblox Recess, our daily live gaming experience where kids meet and play Roblox together

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum


The other great feature about the Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum is that you only need to complete 2-3 modules per day to stay on track for the year. So, if your child has a short attention span, like one of my kids, they can take bite size modules and tests and then come back for more when they’re ready. As long as they are completing 2-3 modules a day, they will stay on track. Or, if you’re like my oldest, they can do as many modules as they want for the day (for example, my son did 10+ one day), and then take a day or two off. That’s how he likes to learn and we’ve seen a major improvement in his grades and his retention of information because we’ve allowed him to learn in this way.

My daughter is in 3rd grade so this review will go into a lot of what she learned in the 3rd grade curriculum, but Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum has options for Grades K-8. For the Full Program, the grades available are 3rd grade to 8th grade. If you have children in grades K-2, you can access the live classes for that grade range but not the full curriculum as they do not have those grade ranges available at this time.

When I first started homeschooling, my oldest was in 1st grade and my youngest wasn’t even born yet. After years and years of homeschooling all 3 of my kids, and being a resource for other new homeschooling parents, I always suggest purchasing a full curriculum from grade 3 and beyond. Why, you ask? After your child finishes grade 2, they start to need more than just a parent teaching them. I’m not trying to say that we aren’t enough as parents, but someone trained in education can help your child comprehend more and I noticed that my kids and I had a better relationship when I wasn’t their teacher and their parent for the entire time we homeschooled. This might be different for you, but for our family, it was important that I be their secondary teacher and not their primary teacher at around grade 3.

The Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum we used was grade 3 and included the following:

  • Science
  • Math
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies & History
  • Social Emotional Learning

I was very intrigued by the Social Emotional Learning as that is somewhat new in the last few years of education. I think it’s a great resource for students and I highly recommend you find a program that includes it, or at least find a supplemental program that you can use.

The Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum has educators that teach each class and the teachers remain the same for each course. There have been programs we have used in the past that have had multiple teachers for each subject and my children did not enjoy those programs. Having a constant figure as their teacher is so important and even though they are video classes, my daughter felt a connection to her teachers as she used this program. You can obviously also do the live classes as well so that your kids can get extra face time with their teachers as well. This review covers the Fall Semester but I also include information about the Spring Semester as well so you can get an idea of what is covered for a full year of the program.

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum ScienceScience – Fall Semester

My daughter absolutely LOVED  the Science course. The teacher was fun, the projects were intriguing and for the first time ever, she got excited about Science. They did a hot colors experiment, magnetic experiments, and brain speed tests. They learned about electricity, atoms, the metric system, batteries, molecules, steam power, photosynthesis, reptiles vs amphibians, bees, coral reefs, decomposition, tectonic plates, the moon, tides, minerals, lightening & thunder, the sun, meteors & meteorites, planets, telescopes, and so much more. To top it all off, that was just for the Fall Semester! The Spring Semester has so much more. The workbooks that come with your subscription are Spectrum, which I’ve used in the past. They are fantastic. Over winter break, we went to the science museum nearby and my daughter was so excited to share everything she learned with me and her siblings.

Science – Spring Semester

In the Spring Semester, your student will learn about:

Claymation movies, petroleum, tracking time, timekeeping, sleep, your heart, snow, wetlands, trees, Roman Aqueducts, mold, fossils, Ancient Egypt, and more!

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum MathMath – Fall Semester:

Math has never been my daughter’s strong suit. However, that being said, this curriculum really helped her turn the corner and for that, I will be forever grateful! You see, the last curriculum we used for math wasn’t a good fit. Not even a little bit. My daughter is a perfectionist and when she isn’t good at something, it really upsets her. She would cry every time she got the answers wrong on a test or if she didn’t understand a concept. Last year was really hard for her and we vowed to find a new math curriculum this year. So, while my daughter still doesn’t love math, we no longer have a crying 3rd grader at the kitchen table every day and for that, I am grateful! Now she does her math work without tears, and understand most of the concepts. It’s still not her favorite subject by a long shot, but I hope that with her new love of science, she’ll start to understand that they go together well (math & science). I have my work cut out for me as her secondary teacher to make sure I give her the space and resources to make learning fun again. In her math course, she learned about telling time, place values, multiplication, money, subtracting with borrowing, equations, math puzzles, story problems, division, number patterns, rounding, measuring, converting measures, Metric & English Units, area, shapes, five-step division, averages, geometric perimeters, graphs, and more.

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum MathMath – Spring Semester:

In the Spring Semester, your student will learn about:

Addition, carrying, four digit addition, regrouping, math puzzles, checking multiplication, three-digit factors by two-digit factors, measurement equations, adding and subtracting length measures, division, two-digit subtraction, three-digit subtraction, four-digit subtraction, story problems, rounding, pints, quarts, gallon, temperatures, remainders as fractions, money equations, symbols, geometric shapes, counting unit squares, line graphs, picture graphs, fractions, and more!

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum English Language ArtsEnglish Language Arts – Fall Semester:

English Language Arts has always been one of my daughter’s favorite subjects. I’m a writer, so I think it’s been a big part of our family and household since she was young. In the spring semester, she learned about declarative sentences, interrogative sentences, exclamatory sentences, fragments, capitalization rules, creative writing, punctuation, possessive words, plural & singular, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, letter writing, phonics, reading comprehension and more. She really enjoyed the teacher, Ms. Scott. She passed each module with flying colors and enjoyed the activities and tests after each module.

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum English Language ArtsEnglish Language Arts – Spring Semester:

In the Spring Semester, your student will learn about:

Poetry, combining sentences, creative writing, Charlotte’s Web, word usage, adjectives, dictionary usage, helping words, parts of speech, nouns, identifying subjects, verbs, reading comprehension, diagramming, proofreading, and more!

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum Social Studies & HistorySocial Studies & History – Fall Semester:

My daughter absolutely loved Social Studies & History. She investigated our family history, with interviews, family trees, artifacts and timelines. She interviewed family members, learned about storytelling, songs and passing down beliefs, as well as oral traditions, celebrations, religion, researching our community, studying historical documents, learning about historical narratives, and more. She learned about Native American and early Hawaiian life, World explorers, European exploration, Food, Colonization, Immigration, and more. I firmly believe History is such a vital part of education so I was very excited to see so much content and rigor in this course for my daughter. She became excited about History nearly as much as Science which was amazing to see. I really liked the teacher in this course, as did my daughter. She explained things so that a third grader could understand them and wasn’t just reading from the slides. She brought her own commentary to the class and my daughter looked forward to this class each day.

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum Social Studies & HistorySocial Studies & History – Spring Semester:

In the Spring Semester, your student will learn about:

Independence from England, US Government, Elections, the Constitution, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, American Democracy, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Susan B. Anthony, Individuals in the American Democracy, American Holidays, Monuments and the Flag, as well as folklore, culture of the regions, cultures around the world, dance, music, technological innovations, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Investors/Scientists, Transportation, and so much more.

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum Social Emotional LearningSocial Emotional Learning – Fall Semester

As I stated at the beginning of this review, I was really excited to have my daughter complete the SEL course. I think it is such an important part of a child’s development and it’s a newer course in most education settings. The fact that this course was included in the full curriculum for $49/mo was something that really intrigued me about this program. My daughter learned about self-awareness, self management, decision-making, social awareness, relationship skills, positive emotions, negative emotions, managing behavior during high positive emotions, managing behavior during high negative emotions, acceptable behaviors, unacceptable behaviors, student struggles, action plans, SMART academic goals, growth mindset, defining success as opportunities for growth, setting SMART personal goals, and more.

Week after week, I saw my daughter change the way that she defined her success. As I mentioned previously, my daughter is a perfectionist and gets frustrated when she doesn’t succeed. I thought this course did wonders for her mind, and her little soul too. She started seeing the potential to grow, defining success as an opportunity for growth, realizing that she could learn from her mistakes, and that she could ask for help or feedback to help her grow. It seems like a lot for a 3rd grader, but honestly, it was astonishing how much she grew by taking all of these lessons to heart. She had fun with the class and with the read-aloud’s throughout the semester. Even if you decide that Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum is not for you, I highly suggest incorporating Social Emotional Learning into your homeschooling, no matter the age of your child!

Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum Social Emotional LearningSocial Emotional Learning – Spring Semester

In the Spring Semester, your student will learn about:

Respecting different cultures, respecting other individuals, kindness, fairness, courtesy, generosity, communicating effectively, social skills, making friends, communicating/listening during conflict, being fair during conflict, working effectively in groups, causes of conflict, preventing conflict, managing conflicts, showing respect for yourself and others, being honest, contributing to the environment, making good decisions, generating alternative solutions, and more.

If this sounds like an amazing curriculum for your child, and you’re interested in trying it out, you can sign up for a full year of one subject, absolutely FREE. Choose from Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, or Social Emotional Learning. Learn about each subject on the Full Program page and then complete the form to request access.

Their paid programs include all four core subjects (Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies), plus Social Emotional Learning, Live Group Classes with a teacher and peers, plus live-chat help from a qualified teacher for learning help.

Honestly, for the price, I don’t think you can beat what the Rounded Schoolhouse Curriculum has to offer. It’s not kitschy, it has real teachers, it isn’t a bunch of cartoons trying to teach your kids, and it is a wholesome education taught by teachers who care. For $49/mo, It’s one of the best values for the money and I have no reservations recommending it to our readers. I am excited that there are now affordable options for families like ours so that I can focus on being the secondary teacher to my children and focus my time and energy on the things that bring them joy and happiness and the subjects that get them excited about learning. For example, now having a child who absolutely LOVES Science, I can spend my time trying to help her expand her knowledge on something she is interested in, vs grading her schoolwork and trying to be a teacher and a parent all-in-one. Of course, parents will always be a child’s #1 teacher, but having a program like this helps free up time to focus on what interests our children most, and that, my friends, is worth every penny.

You can request FREE ACCESS to a year of one course here:

Or just sign up for the $49/mo option right now. It’s worth it. I promise.



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