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Homeschool with JoyFully Read!™
Help Your Own Children and Co-op Read

JoyFully Read!™ is a 3 step, multi-sensory program, that take students from the beginning level of reading (learning phonemes) to being an independent reader. JoyFully Read!™ is designed to eliminate teacher preparation time (lesson plans/suggestions are included in the Teacher Kits), encourage family support, and give homeschoolers the ability to easily incorporate reading into their busy lives.

And to support homeschool families, JoyFully Read!™ offers Homeschool Bundles at a highly discounted rate. Bundles include Teacher Kits, student workbooks, flashcards, music CDs, readers, practice cards, posters, stickers, game cards, and reward certificates. Contents are all color-coded, pre-cut, and made to last.

JoyFully Read!™ – Putting the Joy Back into Reading!

3-Steps.  Which Step Should You Start with?

You should start with the 1st Step if your student:

  • is just beginning to read
  • has not mastered the entire alphabet in terms of letter sounds (knowledge of letter names doesn’t matter at this point)
  • has not mastered basic blending
  • has not mastered basic segmenting
  • has not mastered the *listen/say process (auditory processing)
  • needs introduction/a great deal of practice writing individual letters

Your student is ready for 2nd Step if she:

  • has mastered all basic letter sounds (knowledge of letter names doesn’t matter at this point)
  • has mastered the blending process in simple 3 letter words
  • has mastered the segmenting process in simple 3 letter words
  • shows readiness for weekly “spelling lists/tests”
  • can write letters satisfactorily
  • does well with the *listen/say process
  • has sight word knowledge up to K level

Your student is ready for 3rd Step Part 1 if she has mastered all of the previously listed skills, and has:

  • mastered sh, th, ck, ch, VC, CVC, CCVC & CVCC, blending, segmenting, and auditory processing
  • confidence in writing legibly
  • spelling skills that include all Dolce Frequency Words through Level K, including some more advanced level words

Your child is ready for 3rd Step Pt. 2 if he has mastered all of the previously listed skills, and has:

  • mastered qu
  • “ ’c’ followed by ‘e, i or y’ ” practice
  • “vowel, consonant + e” practice
  • knows all vowels long and short sounds and their common spellings (there are about 60)
  • mastered spelling at a level of at least Grade 2
  • the ability to Listen /say. The teacher says the word, the student listens, and is then able to say each sound in the word, as well as pick them out visually (spell)

Note: If your student is starting 3rd Step Pt. 2 with no prior JoyFully Read! instruction,  you do need to purchase the green 3rd Step Pt.1 sound cards.  

Here are pics from the Parent & Teacher Program Information Notebook:

And here are some pages from the Student Workbook:

And look at all the FUN stuff!  Of course, it’s educational too!

JoyFully Read!™ Product Review – What do I like about this program?

  • It works!  🙂  🙂  🙂
  • It works for kids that are behind, on target, and excelling at learning how to read.  This program helps kids with dyslexia how learn to read too
  • The program enables students to associate reading with positive, achievable, genuinely joyful experiences.  How wonderful is that!?!
  • The program is FUN.  Music, games/exercises, workbooks, fun characters, and flashcards are used in just about every session. Plus, there is Game Time!
  • MUSIC!  I know, I mentioned this already, but I love pairing music with learning – my kids tend to remember info better if combined with music.
  • Overall philosophy – it’s OK to make mistakes – life is about practicing, making mistakes, fixing them and moving forward.  We can do hard things.
  • It’s a very positive program, with lots of praise.
  • The quantity of materials.
  • The quality of materials (good for large families and co-ops).
  • It’s multi-sensory – so it works well for all learning styles.
  • I like how the sessions are set up – each 45 minute lesson includes: Stage 1 – 5 minute warm up/review; Stage 2 – a 25 minute lesson; Stage 3 – a 15 minute game; and Stage 4 – a one minute challenge and session reward. Kids choose a daily challenge to work on.
  • I LOVE the cute characters – Taf the Cat ad Tom the Dog.
  • It’s user-friendly.  It’s organized.  It makes sense.  And there’s no prep time. Really, it’s a breeze to use.
  • The company gives you plenty of help along the way, including training videos for every Step.
  • You can purchase separately or as a set – I appreciate options.
  • This company was started by a homeschool mom of five.  I like supporting other homeschoolers, don’t you?


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