My Letters alive Student Journals Product Review

My Letters alive Student Journals Product Review 

I’m SO excited to tell you about and to share my review of My Letters alive Student Journals! Why?  Because I LOVE the products and technology that Alive Studios offers.

As in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  (And your kiddos will too!)

So, what exactly does the company do? provides augmented reality resources – a “mind-boggling new technology for teaching and learning”.

Mind-boggling?  Really?  

YES.  🙂

The journals are for kids preK- Grade 3,  and for ELL and special needs students.

And since seeing is believing, take a look at the “mind-boggling” video on the company’s home page – 

I reviewed the My Letters alive Student Journals

If your little one is lacking engagement, this will blow her mind!

My Letters alive Student Journals, along with the FREE, accompanying app, uses  the “mind-boggling” technology, to make learning letters, letter sounds and proper letter formation a FUN experience!

I used to think teaching the ABCs was boring – but not anymore!


Two journals are available – a preK and a Kindergarten journal

My Letters alive Student Journals help your child learn letters by:

  • Introducing/reinforcing letters and letter sounds.
  • Teaching proper letter formation.
  • Teaching a little science a long the way (Did you know that a narwhal whale has a ten foot tooth/tusk? See photo below).
  • Monitoring progress with a sticker badge set.
  • Being entertaining – it’s fun to see the graphics move, it’s fun to sing along with the the Zoo Crew Alphabet music video, and who doesn’t want to take a photo with the 3D animals? (see pic below)

Take photos with the animals and
share with friends and family!

Your kiddo will love the challenges and activities in this Journal, but when they see it come to life in 3D, you might get Teacher of the Year! Haha!

Here’s a video specifically about My Letters alive Student Journals –

BTW – the journal is a complement to the company’s reading program Letters alive Plus, but can be used as a stand alone resource or with other learn-to-read resources you may be using.

What do I like – no- what do I LOVE about My Letters alive Student Journals?

  • With your smartphone or mobile tablet, you can open a whole new world for your early reader.
  • That’s because this isn’t a typical software program where kids stare at a screen and peck on the keyboard.  This is SO MUCH more!  It’s a cross-curricular learning solution that utilizes multiple learning modalities.  Wow!
  • Because of this, children hear, see, touch, and speak – all of which increases engagement and retention.
  • And because of this, the product works well for all different learning styles. Yah!
  • The app is easy to download and use.
  • There are numerous learning opportunities with the app.  Kids can hear the animal’s name, hear the animal’s sound, hear the letter pronounced, and trace the lower case and upper case letter.
  • And, I like the journal.  It has a wipe-able cover.  That’s important in my house.
  • Plus, the child has ownership of the journal – she prints her name right on the front – and there is a badge system right in the journal.  I think ownership is really important.
  • In the preK journal, kids can color the animal and practice writing the lower and upper case letters.
  • In the kindergarten journal, for each letter, kids can do multiple tasks to learn the letter – they can color the animal, draw things that are found in the animal’s habitat, write the letter in the journal,  and draw other items that start with the letter.  So, it’s more than just sounding out the letter and memorizing it.  Additional learning  is taking place – and it’s fun learning (I’ve found that fun learning seems to stick better than rote learning).  The kindergarten – Grade 3 journal contains more structure, printed activities, and opportunities for learning – but both are GREAT.
  • The sticker badges give you a fun and easy way to measure progress for your child.  My child gets a kick out of adhering a new sticker to her chart (again, this promotes ownership, which I’m a fan of).
  • This product promotes family engagement (my kids and I have fun with the journal and app).
  • The cost!  All this for under $10!!  WOWZA!!

Here are some pics of the journal –

Here are some pics from the app (letter N) –

And here are some screen shots from the alphabet song (the animals move in the song, but of course, these are still shots –

Because I love this product so much, I’m dying to try other products (math especially). 


Here is a complete listing of products

You can purchase journals here –  



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