Our Studyo.co Review – The Planner for the App Generation

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The Task and Project Manager Built for Education

Studyo, a school/homeschool project management tool and planner helps homeschoolers prioritize and manage their homeschool and personal lives. It was built to allow students to effortlessly juggle digital and analog tasks and to let homeschool families plan easily. It effectively replaces the traditional paper planner students and teachers have been using for years.

(On a personal note, I’m a to-do list/paper planner kind of gal.  But I know I should go digital – so this is a good opportunity for me.)

Why should students use Studyo? Because it’s better to be organized than not organized!  🙂

In fact, there is a great deal of research that shows that students who demonstrate a high degree of executive function (being organized and knowing how to get things accomplished) are more likely to perform well academically in high school, and be ready for university and a career.

The Studyo team put together a list of 6 habits which can help students develop their executive function skills over time.  Here is a brief overview of the 6 habits and what they mean:

Studyo.co review

In short, the benefits of using Studyo include:Studyo.co review

FYI, here’s a video of Studyo:

Studyo product review – What I like about this planner (for my kids)

  • I’m a to-do list person and appreciate organization – I want my kids to be organized too.
  • This works!

Studyo.co product review

  • It’s convenient. Studyo is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Chromebooks and Chrome. My kids mainly use Studyo  on their iPads and iPhones.
  • The kids can sync across their devices.

Studyo product review – Why will you as a homeschool mom/teacher like Studyo?

  • So far I’ve been writing about how the planner benefits homeschool students.  As a homeschool teacher, Studyo offers lots of great planning tools. As I mentioned, I do like my paper to-do lists – but I’m really trying to become more digital – it’s cleaner and I’m less likely to misplace something. Let’s face it – not losing stuff is pretty darn important!
  • And other benefits are listed below.

Studyo.co product review

  • I like the drag and drop lesson planning a lot.
  • When I add a task for my sons, I can add links and pictures too – I tend to add lots of links.
  • I like the task view option – for myself and for my boys.  The task view is a timeline of all the tasks you have to do. This view shows overlapping work, past due tasks and is great for students to plan their schedules because they can literally see what lies ahead.
  • I can add personal appointments, birthdays, events, etc., as well as homeschool assignments – it makes coordinating the two very easy (think coordinating assignments and related field trips, or assignments around family events/holidays).
  • Although my kids use Studyo on their mobile devices, I use it more on my laptop (I just like the bigger screen).  Studyo offers a full web version optimized for Chrome and Chromebooks which runs offline if no network is available.
  • I love that I can sync across devices.
  • A free 14 day trial is available and individual accounts use a subscription model at a very low price.
  • I found the online support helpful.

Studyo product review – conclusion

Am I going to stop using paper to-do lists and paper schedules and go digital?  You bet I am! I love this tool.

BTW – You can download from the Studyo website or the app store.


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Our Studyo.co Review - The Planner for the App Generation
  • Our Studyo.co Review - The Planner for the App Generation

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