Real Science-4-Kids Product Review

If we give kids real answers to their real questions, we inspire them to become the scientists, inventors, artists, journalists, and computer programmers they dream of becoming.

Real Science-4-Kids ( is an award-winning homeschool science curriculum for kids. Real Science-4-Kids teaches the fundamental building blocks in an engaging, age-appropriate way. Real Science-4-Kids offers two choices for curriculum, both of which provide a solid foundation in the five core areas of science: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy.

The Real Science-4-Kids Exploring the Building Blocks of Science is a yearlong graded program, while the Focus On series is a semester-long unit study program.  For this review, we’re focusing on the Focus On program. RealScience-4-Kids homeschool science curriculum











The Focus On Series encourages kids to ‘focus on’ one subject at a time.

The series is based on a “block” teaching method, where focused learning is condensed to a shorter “block” of time. It was purposed for those parents and teachers wanting a solid introductory level science course who also want to sequence their own science program. The Focus On Series is also beneficial for the student with an inherent interest in one particular area of science.  Subjects include – RealScience-4-Kids homeschool science curriculum

This series is offered for an age range of either elementary, middle school, or high school. 

Elementary (K-4)   |     Middle School (5-8)     |    High School (9-12)

If you need help choosing a level, the Real Science-4-Kids assessment is helpful. RealScience-4-Kids homeschool science curriculumAnd there are Focus On Elementary Sample Sets, so you can check the product out before purchasing. 


BTW – I LOVE these samples – so much is offered. 

Just click on the links below to download a sample.

Here are some sample pages from the Biology book RealScience-4-Kids homeschool science curriculumBelow, are links for Focus On Middle School Sample Sets.



And a few pages from the Geology curriculum

Real Science-4-Kids sent us physical copies of their books (yay!) RealScience-4-Kids homeschool science curriculum

The middle book is hard-cover and the Teacher’s Manual and Laboratory Notebook are paperback books, with wipe-able covers.

Below, are pages from the hard-cover Student Manual, Chapter 3 Force, Energy and Work

And below, are pages from the Teacher’s Manual, Chapter 3 Force, Energy and Work

Last but not least,  pages from the Laboratory Notebook, Chapter 3 Force, Energy and Work


Does Real Science-4-Kids have a Christian or secular worldview? All of the books introduce real science to students and this means scientific facts and theories that are currently accepted by the scientific community. However, the books also introduce students to the philosophy of science and encourage students to explore opposing viewpoints when it comes to interpreting what these facts and theories may mean to individuals, groups, and the larger community.

Real Science-4-Kids Product Review – How do you use Focus On?

  • When your books arrive, use the Lesson Plan to map out your week.
  • On day 1 read the Student Text with your child or have them read alone.
  • Day 2 – review the laboratory experiment with your child and collect materials.
  • On day 3, have your child perform the laboratory experiment and record data in the laboratory workbook.
  • Day 4 – with your child, review any connections to other disciplines, your child might be interested in.
  • And on day 5, have your child take the self-test or quiz.

Real Science-4-Kids Product Review – What do I like about the Focus On Homeschool Science Curriculum?

  • The block teaching method: kids get a solid introduction to 5 core disciplines of science while focusing on one subject in depth.
  • I like how the lessons are laid out – and I appreciate the short easy-to-read chapters.  I really like the Some Things to Think About at the end of each chapter, as well as the Think About It at the beginning of each experiment, and The Conclusions, and the Just For Fun sections included the Laboratory Notebook.
  • The grade level ranges K-4, 5-8, or 9-12 works well for multiple grade level teaching – and it works well in our homeschool program.
  • And the flexible sequencing aligns with individual interests.  Again, this works for us.
  • Hands-on, real science experiments – one experiment for each chapter in the Student Textbook.  My kids LOVE the experiments!
  • My kids are totally “getting science” and gaining confidence in their ability to understand science.  We have a running joke now, – Science or Magic?  Explain.  (I have to admit, I think science is magical)  🙂  It’s certainly awe-inspiring.
  • Physical and online curriculum options.
  • Purchase options – although the company does recommends getting all three books  (Student Text, Teacher’s Manual, and Lab Workbook). That’s because the laboratory experiments are critical for teaching real science and the Teacher’s Manual helps provide guidance, materials lists, and possible outcomes.

Real Science-4-Kids Product Review – More Real Science-4-Kids  Information

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Real Science-4-Kids Product Review

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