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Gemm Learning Review – Gemm Learning provides various programs to address cognitive, reading, learning and math difficulties, for kids 5-adult, at all academic levels.  Most students start with Gemm because they are behind in reading and many students have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, inattentive ADD, working memory dysfunction, ASD and/or generalized learning delays.

Gemm online learning starts with an assessment and then develops an individualized protocol  – a learning solution for your child’s unique needs and goals.  If students spend 30-50 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week on these protocols, significant changes are possible in 4- 6 months.

In fact, Gemm students average 1.5 to 2.75 years of reading gain in 4-6 months and many report continued gain in the years following the program. Gemm clients also report substantial improvements in focus, grades, homework productivity, overall learning and social confidence. These gains are permanent —  and as you can imagine, they are life-changing.

So, how can this happen?  Most learning and reading difficulties stem from cognitive skill delays.  These learning difficulties are not fixed. Cognitive skills, like physical muscle skills, can improve with exercise.  Gemm Learning develops individualized protocols drawing from 50+ adaptive exercises, each of which targets a specific cognitive or reading skill, to provide the required exercise. These protocols (exercise)s coupled with Gemm’s professional oversight, really make a difference.

Gemm Learning Review – Who can benefit from Gemm Learning?  

Spoiler alert – just about everyone!  See below.

Gemm Learning review

Gemm Learning

Gemm Learning review

Gemm Learning

Still wondering if this will work your child?  You can get a free educational assessment to see if Gemm Learning will work for your family.

FYI – Here Are The Cognitive & Reading Programs Gemm Learning Uses To Get Results

The main programs Gemm uses include:

  • Fast ForWord cognitive programs.  This is their primary intervention and starting point. The software targets memory, attention, auditory processing and sequencing skills. It improves phonological awareness and other foundational skills to help make reading easier and automatic.
  • Fast ForWord Reading series.  This age-appropriate sequence of programs work on reading-specific skills — fluency, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension exercises. The goal of this series is to make reading rewarding, which occurs when reading comprehension comes naturally.
  • Reading Assistant. Adaptive reading practice software that builds reading speed and confidence.
  • BrainWare Safari. Children with ADD, ADHD, executive function and other difficulties may move to this cognitive learning software after Fast ForWord. BrainWare uses visual processing and multi-tasking, called cognitive loading, to build automaticity and learning efficiency.
  • Reflex Math and Dreambox Math.  These self-paced programs present math visually to help children who struggle with traditional instruction.

Click on these links to see the Fast ForWord demo for grades K-3 and  the Fast ForWord demo for 4th grade – adult.  And here is a video tour of one of their math programs. BTW – I LOVE all of the Reading Assistant and Reading Assistant Plus options and requirements.  Did you see those?  You can get to them from the Fast ForWord demo pages.

Professional Oversight is a Key Gemm Factor

Yes, these are amazing programs – but Gemm Learning programs are only amazing when students complete the protocols.  That’s where the Gemm remote service comes in. Gemm makes sure students stay engaged and on track. This includes daily monitoring of your child’s activity, regular check-in calls and remote support sessions when needed as well as student rewards, mailed certificates, online support resources, and a client support group.  How many online courses/classes have you started that you just haven’t finished? Follow up and support are important – and often, they make the difference between failure and success. So, I really appreciate this monitoring and follow up. And kids LOVE rewards and certificates!  🙂  I have to admit, I do too!

Gemm Learning review

The cost

The Gemm Learning program costs about the same as a tutor. However, while tutoring expenses are ongoing, Gemm’s cost is short term with enduring gains (so better results, and less expensive in the long run).

Plus, the Gemm online learning program offers refunds and payment options – which I appreciate.

  • The company offers prepay discounts and affordable installment plan options.
  • If you decide the program isn’t for you and if you cancel the service within the first 14 days, Gemm provides a full refund.
  • OR, if, after four months of service, you do not see results and there are no measurable gains in post testing, Gemm will provide three months of BrainWare Safari free of charge.

In conclusion – If your child is struggling – or if the public school system let you down and you’re still struggling, Gemm Learning might be the answer.  It’s certainly worth a look-see.


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