Senseez Review

Senseez Review

Senseez ReviewI love reviewing products I’m not familiar with – it’s an opportunity to learn something new.  So, I was really happy when I was given the opportunity to work on a Senseez review so that I could learn about the benefits of vibration….and to discover the company’s very interesting and useful products.

So, what are Senseez?  They’re calming cushions and pillows that vibrate when they’re squeezed or sat upon (that’s because they work on compression).  The vibration eases the senses– which in turn, 1) helps you relax and 2) helps you focus.  The Senseez sensory cushions are a great fit for children who:

  • have very high energy levels
  • have special needs
  • are autistic
  • have sensory processing disorder

If interested, you can check out the Clinical section on the Senseez website.   It includes 1) research on vibration, 2) expert testimonials regarding the benefits of vibration, and 3) info regarding a Senseez clinical trial.

I researched and watched all of the above before starting my review.  Then I decided it was time to try Senseez out!  I tested them, had my kids use them, and I even let my neighbor borrow them.

BTW, we received the soccer ball cushion and the flannel shirt pillow.  In the pics below, you can see the products, as well as the battery vibe that comes in each one.  There is also a multi-speed vibe, if you’d like to order one.


Senseez Review Senseez Review






Here are our (mine, my kids, and even my neighbor’s) thoughts/comments-

  • My kids enjoyed the vibrating sensation.
  • I do believe the soccer cushion had a calming effect on my son.
  • My neighbor’s son has ADHD and has a very high energy level/trouble focusing. She reported that he seemed to be comforted by the vibrations.  He was able to sit longer – both at home, and in the car. This was a huge win in her eyes!
  • There’s a good variety to choose from. Some are VERY cute!  My kids’ faves?  The soccer ball and the sweatshirt.  I’d love to try an Adaptable.  They vibrate AND they have a weighted and a hot/cold pack.  I’ve been aware of the benefits of weighted products for quite some time and my son has a weighted blanket when we travel. It has helped tremendously and I am a very big proponent of them.
  • They’re easy to clean. The vinyl ones are easy to wipe clean and the pillows have zippered coverings – the coverings can be easily removed and washed.
  • Price – the Originals and the Touchables are $29.99. The Trendables are $39.99 – but can be used as a decorator item as well as a vibrating pillow – yes, they’re that cute.

What could be improved:

  • Batteries aren’t included. I know most items these days don’t come with batteries so I wasn’t upset, I just wish most products came with a starter pack.
  • Also, I had to search for a small screwdriver to open the battery case – an average sized screwdriver is too large.

Here are the different styles that are available:

Senseez Review – Originals – Vinyl Styles

Senseez Review

Senseez Review – Touchables – Plush Styles

Senseez Review

Senseez Review – Trendables – Teen Styles

Senseez Review

Senseez Review – Adaptables – 3-in-1

Senseez Review

If you have a child that could use a little help focusing, you might want to give this product a try.

Learn more here:


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