The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” CD series by Margie La Bella

margie la bella songs review

The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” CD series – Margie La Bella Songs Review

Do your little ones love music?  And do they play the same songs over and over…. and over again?  Do you know that you can use this to their educational advantage!?  The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” CD series of songs from Margie La Bella are definitely educational – the songs are designed to spark your children’s:
  • imagination
  • playfulness
  • conceptual learning/understanding (many songs give an opportunity for children to physically act out their understanding of a concept)
  • problem solving
  • creative thinking
  • language (expressive, receptive, and auditory/listening)

Margie’s collection of songs and activities are of great value for ALL children but they really hit a chord with kids on the autism spectrum and children with special needs.  And if you happen to work in a day care center or if you have a pre-school program in your homeschool co-op, you might find these exceptionally helpful.

There are four CDs in the The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” series.  They include:

  1. Move!                

Action songs about simple concepts and following directions.

  1. Sing!                  

Action songs with sounds, words and simple sentences.

  1. Play!                 

Action songs involving rhythm instruments, following directions, and creative movement to sound.

  1. Mixing It Up!

More action songs about singing, movement, and simple rhythm instruments.

Since there’s a lot to cover in these four CDs, I’m actually going to jump right into what we like about these CDs, before getting into each one individually.

So, what do we (the kids and I) like about working on the Margie La Bella Song Review?

  • We all appreciate how clear they the lyrics are – we know what EVERY word is!  So many CDs we’ve listened to, aren’t clear at all.  Maybe the instrumentals are too loud – or the singer is trying to fit too many words in at once – I’m not really sure what the issues are. But these lyrics are clear as a bell!  That means my kids (and yours too!) can easily sing along. And my kids do – very joyously – and very loudly!
  • These songs are really catchy! YOU’LL find yourself humming along and bopping your head!  Even when doing this review, and listening to the songs as I write, I can’t help but move to the music – the song Teddies to Turtles has me hooked!
  • Looking for a song to teach something in particular?  The songs are broken up into goal areas and objectives so you can actually get songs on the topic of your choice!  Kids bickering?  There’s a song for that!
  • The lyrics encourage kids to listen and learn through music – and to get up and MOVE to the music.  I’m a fan for anything that encourages movement!
  • The music introduces kids to pop, jazz, folk, rap, swing, reggae and other styles of music. My kids enjoyed all the styles, especially swing and reggae.  And these weren’t genres that were on their radar previously.  That’s cool.
  • You can order Margie La Bella songs on physical CDs or digital downloads.
  • You can listen to free MP3 downloads and listen to sample songs before you purchase – I’m a fan of free samples.,
  • Songs, videos, and fun activities just go together. Margie knows this and includes videos and activities on her website. She shares how to use her songs in different ways (so nice)!
  • Margie La Bella also includes lyrics on her site – although really, you don’t need them as the CDs are so clear. Still, it’s nice that she includes them/it’s nice to have them.
  • Margie La Bella has a Links page is helpful – if you want to know more about music therapy in general, or other song sites/artists you might want to look into. It’s nice that she plugs other artists – even her “competitors” – although I’m sure she doesn’t see them in that way.

Margie La Bella Songs Review – Now, onto each CD! (more than the 4 will be referenced!)


Margie La Bella Songs Review – CD ONE

The first CD Move!” focuses on the receptive language skills needed to understand and follow directions.  Each song fosters concept development through active movement and dance.

Skills addressed include single and multi-step directions, the concepts of body parts, opposites, verbs, prepositions, creative problem solving and more.

Descriptions of individual songs on this CD, plus the benefits of each song follows:

 Song 1 – Everybody Wave Hello

  • This song opens the CD and sets the stage for upcoming learning.
  • Children have the opportunity to follow three one-step directions, while reaching out to connect with other people.

Song 2 – Doin’ the Robot Dance

  • This song helps improve auditory processing skills (listening and following directions).
  • The rapid-fire lyrics require a child’s attention.
  • The lyrics help children learn the words associated with specific body parts.
  • Older children can move to the beat.

Song 3 – Move and Stop

  • This song is good for improving auditory attention skills, and motor/impulse control.
  • Children relate body parts with an associated motion.
  • Younger children can follow the one-step directions.
  • Older children can perform the last line (three 1-step directions in rapid sequence).

Song 4 – Stand up, Sit Back Down

  • Provides a positive outlet for kid’s energy(encourages them to leave their seat).
  • Fosters the learning of body parts and ways to move them.
  • Children move in creative ways as suggested by the lyrics.

Song 5 –  Growl, Growl, Stomp

  • This song helps with listening and pretending skills, both needed for cognitive development.
  • It also stimulates attention, as well as auditory anticipation and vocalization of “Grrowl!”
  • The repetitive “growl, growl, stomp!” gives a sense of sequencing and energy/vocal release.

Song 6 – The Yee-haw Song

  • This song requires receptive understanding of body parts and associated movements, as well as expressive use of the word “Yeehaw!”
  • Children can simulate the galloping sound of a horse by tapping their knees during the chorus, or by pretending to ride a horse.
  • Older children can perform the directive twice and sing “yeehaw!”

Song 7 – Multi-Step Blues

  • This song improves a child’s ability to follow a long string of quick one-step directions and to control one’s actions.
  • The song focuses on body vocabulary and associated verbs.
  • It strengthens attention, backward sequencing of directions, and motor control.
  • Great outlet for a child’s energy.


  • Helps facilitate the understanding of each concept individually and in contrast to its opposite (tall, small, happy, sad, fast, slow, squeeze, and relax)
  • Teaches body vocabulary and associated verbs.
  • Encourages attention, backward sequencing of directions, and motor control.
  • Great outlet for energy.


  • Stimulates pretending and other higher process thinking skills.
  • Fosters focus, body relaxation and the concept of slow.
  • Teaches how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and how our own lives can change.

Song 10 – Move it by Your Chair

  • Children learn about spatial relationships.-
  • They also learn the concepts: in front of, behind, on the side, over, and under.
  • Children count while dancing to a fun beat.

Song 11 – One Step Blues

  • This song helps kids process the meaning of verbs and related body parts.
  • Children carry out the one part direction to the timing of the related sound effects.
  • Good for auditory attention and memory.

Song 12 – Thinking Song

  • Helps teach body parts and simple problem solving.
  • Older children can pretend to rock a baby each time they hear the words “baby” and “honey.”
  • Older children can also alternate or switch sides of the body each time a direction is given within a verse – this is good for integrating sides of the brain.

Song 13 – Stand Up, Sit Down (Version Two)

  • The directions to the song are easier to understand is this version.

Song 14 – Thinking Song (Version Two)

  • This song fosters listening and creative problem-solving.
  • It requires knowledge of body parts and quick deciphering skills.
  • Older children can pretend to rock a baby each time they hear the words “baby” and “honey.”
  • Older children can also alternate or switch sides of the body each time a direction is given within a verse, as this is good for integrating sides of the brain.

Song 15 –  Growl, Growl, Stomp (Version Two)

  • This is just a nice song to listen to, or to sing along to.

Song 16 – Music Time is Over

  • This song offers a nice conclusion to the CD – as it ends on a positive, relaxing note.
  • This song lends itself to swaying, rocking, and holding hands.

Margie La Bella Songs Review – CD TWO

 The second CD “Sing!” focuses on vocal play and expressive language.

 Children are actively engaged with songs that were written and designed to elicit vocal play, vowel and consonant production, articulation and simple sentences.

Songs are presented in a variety of styles including hip-hop, new-age, folk, pop and reggae.

Descriptions of individual songs on this CD, plus the benefits of each song follows:

Song 1 – Open your Mouth

  • This song starts the CD off in a friendly/social manner.
  • It helps children create the “ah,” “oo,” and “ee” vowel sounds and articulate the “ooh-ee”.

 Song 2 – Monkey Song

  • Children gain vocal and oral-motor experience as they sing “ah,” “ee,” and “ooh.”
  • Kids remember and sequence sound patterns.

Song 3 – The Leeway Train

  • This song helps kid’s speech skills through making sound effects.

Song 4 – The Puppet Song (Version One)

  • Children connect an animal with the sound it makes.
  • Children vocalize the animal sounds.
  • Children hear and produce soft and loud sounds.

Song 5 – Tap it on Your Head – Acapella Version

  • Helps to teach body part vocabulary and articulation/vocalization.
  • Because it’s acapella the words are really easy to hear and the feel of the music is gentler.

Song 6 – Variations  on the Miss Mary Mack

  • This song encourages children to repeat each short phrase.

Song 7 – Sing an Echo Song

  • This song is used to help children improve their abilities to produce certain sounds and increase phrase length.
  • Improves auditory attention and memory.
  • Children are encouraged to put words together in increasingly complex sentences.

Song 8 – TDLN 50s Arctic Song

  • Improves the ability to “Do-wop” and articulate the “T”, “D”, “L,” and “N” sounds (these sounds all involve placing the tip of the tongue behind the top of the upper teeth).

Song 9 – Three Little Monkeys

  • Encourages sentence use.
  • Also good for sequencing of ideas.

Song 10 – The Wolf Cub

  • Children vocalize the “ooh” sound of the wolf.
  • Children act out the lyrics, and demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of: open, shake, over, under, up, down, side, and families.

Song 11 – The Vehicle Song

  • This song emphasizes vocalization and vocal play.
  • Encourages children to imitate and articulate common sounds.

Song 12 – The Puppet Song II

  • Elicits vocalization of animal sounds (this is necessary for speech and involves articulation of specified sounds).

Song 13 – Tap it on your Head – Full Version

  • Helps to teach body part vocabulary and articulation/vocalization.
  • This version works with kids who need the extra stimulation to elicit their attention.

Song 14 – Sing an Echo song – Blank/Fill-in Verses Version

  • Kids sing the first sound of their name, or they can blow a kiss.

Song 15 – Goodbye Now

  • This is a natural way to teach the goodbye interaction, and it can include waving, shaking hands, holding hands, and blowing kisses.

Margie La Bella Songs Review – CD THREE

The “Play!” CD is really two CDs in one and centers around the auditory skills needed to 1) listen, 2) follow directions, and 3) understand directions; as well as how sounds and directions are combined to build memory.

The first 30 minutes helps teach awareness of loud, soft, fast, slow, and the presence and absence of sound. The second half asks children to listen to, interpret, and respond to instrument sounds and music clips.

Margie La Bella Songs Review – Descriptions of individual songs on this CD, plus the benefits of each song follows:

Song 1 – Homemade Band

  • This tune opens the CD on a positive note – kids are introduced to several instruments of a jazz or rock band.

Song 2- Soft, Loud, Slow, Fast Review

  • This song introduces children to recognizing (perceiving) and creating different volumes and speeds (this is important as the sound qualities used in music are also used in speech).

 Song 3 – Children, Come Play

  • The song encourages auditory attention, processing, and conceptualization.
  • Children experience creating fast, slow, loud, and soft music.

Song 4 – Play and Do This

  • Teaches sequencing/patterning of events.
  • Teaches the ability to follow directions.
  • Helps children with the concepts of under, stop, and get it.

Song 5 – Play and Pass

  • Fosters attention.
  • Encourages turn taking and sharing among friends (and siblings!).

Song 6 – You’ve got to Wait!

  • A catchy song for a topic that can be tricky, and one that all kids (and adults) need to learn.

Song 7 – Three Little Sound Effects

  • Encourages vocal/sound play.
  • Encourages auditory memory.

Song 8 – Play an Echo Song

  • This song encourages auditory attention and auditory memory.
  • It also fosters coordination and patterning.

Songs 10-15 and 16-21  – Make you Move! and Hear and D0 – Instrument Sounds 

  • These songs encourage auditory discrimination.
  • They encourage impulse control.
  • Foster imagination.
  • Foster memory.
  • The songs encourage energy release – as they get kids moving.

Song 22 – Sound-Off

  • This song closes the CD.
  • It enforces the skill of “audiation” or hearing the sounds/music in your mind.

Margie La Bella Songs Review – CD FOUR

“Margie La Bella Songs Review –Mixing it Up!” uses more action-based participation songs to address expressive and receptive language skills as well as auditory attention and processing skills.

Plus, it covers a diverse range of musical styles (which my kids enjoyed)!

Descriptions of individual songs on this CD, plus the benefits of each song follows:

Song 1 Hey Hello

  • Good for encouraging language via the catchy, predictable, repeated “hey, hello” phrase.

 Song 2 – Move it to the Music.

  • One step direction/movement concepts of move, shake, scratch, twist, jump, and dance.
  • Impulse and motor control via stopping and starting.

 Song 3 – I’ve Got the Music In Me

  • Encourages following simple directions.
  • Also good for fun sounds that can help with articulation and intelligibility.

Song 4 – Body Rap

  • This song incorporates sequencing patterning and memory skills.
  • Provides for a great release of energy – always a plus!

Song 5 – Everybody Touch  Your Head

  • This song helps children learn various body parts and spatial concepts.

Song 6 – We All Have Feelings

  • This song assists the verbal and non-verbal expression of feelings.

Song – 7 Tweet, Tweet  Little Birdy

  • The song encourages vocalization and listening comprehension.
  • It also encourages pretending/abstracting.
  • Older children can echo each phrase during the short pauses. This helps develop sentence length and related memory.

Song 8 – Very Best Band

  • This song strengthens attention span.
  • Also encourages taking turns and impulse control.
  • Good for instrument vocabulary and identification.
  • Encourages group participation.

Song 9 – Everybody Touch – Karaoke/Fill-In)

  • This version teaches personalized concepts.

Song 10 – Jump High, Turn Around

  • In this song, children follow a sequence of three directions.

Song 11 – Teddies to Turtles

  • Kids follow multiple directions.
  • Encourages creativity and imagination (abstraction).

Song 12– Sharing, Caring, Moving and Growing

  • This is a relaxing song and a nice song to end the CD.

All of these are available at musictherapytunes.com


Not sure which CD you’d like?  How about a Sampler MP3?

Margie La Bella Songs Review

Two servings from each of the above four mentioned CDs, for a total of 8 songs.

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Margie La Bella Songs Review

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It fosters speech and language skills.

Margie La Bella Songs Review

About Margie La Bella

Margie La Bella is a music therapist and an educator (she has a master’s degree in special education).

Margie chose music therapy as a profession because she has seen the power of music and wants to share that with others. “The reason I became a music therapist was because of what music did for me and my life.  I wanted to give that opportunity and that tool to other people.”

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