Our Scrible.com Product Review

Scrible.com Product Review

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Do your kids do a lot of research as part of their homeschooling?  If they do, I have a super recommendation for you – Scrible.com. Scrible (for grades 6-adult) offers tools to save info, manage, annotate, share the web, and MORE.  Specifically, Scrible.com lets you:

Scrible Product Review

In addition, Scrible can be used for more than just research papers (as an example, Scrible can be used as a real-time collaboration tool for concurrent reading and text analysis).  Really, the options are endless.

Scrible.com is a very important tool, for the following reasons:

  • Writing a research paper requires many tasks and a variety of skills.  A student must curate, annotate, cite, organize, write and collaborate.  These tasks are hard to track and quantify – but easy with Scrible.
  • 60% of secondary students are poor researchers.  50% of high school students aren’t ready for college writing.  Scrible helps kids with research and with writing.
  • Scrible automates mundane tasks – freeing up time for critical thinking. WOW!
  • Quite literally (this is not an over-statement), Scrible brings research and the process of writing papers into the modern age.

And Scrible is a Google for Education Partner.

Check out the Scrible overview below.


Scrible.com Product Review – With Scribles, students can write better papers faster due to the following:


Scrible.com Product Review

Scrible Product Review

Scrible.com Product Review

Scrible.com Product Review – What do I like this product/service?

  • Scrible offers SO MUCH!
  • It’s a time-saver.  Gotta love that!  🙂
  • Scrible helps kids become college and career ready.
  • Scrible streamlines research processes.  I’m a fan of streamlining, aren’t you?
  • It provides personalized learning.
  • And project-based learning.
  • It’s interactive – I appreciate how others can share and respond in real time. When I find a great resource, I always want to share it, don’t you?
  • There’s an outline editor.  I can write a super research paper – but I admit, I never, ever utilized outlines in the process.  So, teaching outlining to my kids, was a bit difficult.  Not now!
  • Students can have multiple libraries for different papers/projects they might be working on.
  • It’s easy to search the libraries for specific info.  The Scrible tagging feature is especially nice.
  • This means students NEVER lose info – or search through piles of paper looking for a quote, that they know they have….somewhere….
  • Not only can students add online resources to their library, they can also add books and offline resources as well.
  • There’s a citation capture function that’s amazing.  Now, it’s easy-peasy to footnote, and to make a bibliography.  Think about that for a minute.  Did you ever think footnoting was easy?  I mean, come on….Ibid?
  • The program constantly auto-saves to the cloud, so students never lose their work.  That’s wonderful!
  • The Scrible Writer, a Google Docs Add-on helps transfer research into the paper the student is writing in Google Docs.  Scrible Writer also lets students view/insert outlines and easily view/edit bibliographies.
  • Students really like it.

Scrible Product Review

  • Scrible is constantly updating their program and adding new, time-saving features.  This includes researching tools, as well as overall interfaces – to improve Scrible’s look and feel, layout, navigation and functionality.
  • Scrible supports co-teaching, which can be of benefit to a co-op.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • There’s a lot of help along the way, if you need it – including a Getting Started Tour, Edu Guides, blog posts, youtube videos and more.
  • It’s free but you can upgrade if you’d like to, a paid service.

In Conclusion

I’m not sure a product review can do this product justice.  It’s that good!  I urge you to try the free version, and if you love it as much as I do, upgrade.  🙂


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  • Our Scrible.com Product Review

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