Writing to Win Review – 3 Integrated Reading – Writing Instructional Solutions

Writing to Win Review


Writing to Win is a writing program for kids K-12.  The three solution program uses instructional “learning solutions” to provide daily writing guidance. The solutions can be used as a standalone program or in conjunction with other curricula.

What are the Three Learning Solutions?

Writing to Win Review

Writing to Win recommends that you implement one curriculum solution at a time.

In year 1, it’s recommended you begin Writing to Win integrated reading-writing with  APPLIED GRAMMAR resources.  APPLIED GRAMMAR is a complete sentence-combining curriculum for teaching mature grammatical patterns and conventions of Standard Written English for grades 1-10.  Since it is available online, it provides extensive practice with key-boarding.

Plus, the program helps students learn to identify and explain the grammar patterns they practice.

APPLIED GRAMMAR provides practice in all three writing genres – argument/opinion, informational, and narrative.

In this solution, you can choose between print and online resources. The online version assigns lessons, scores responses, and provides students immediate feedback.

Writing to Win encourages homeschool parents to begin with WRITING ON DEMAND, in the second half of year 1, a solution that provides an interactive journal routine including writing prompts, a rubric for student self-assessment, and a PAL’s (peer-assisted learning systeWriting to Win Reviewm) response.  BTW, parents and siblings make great PALS!

With WRITING ON DEMAND, students learn how to write 1) logical arguments, 2) strong narratives and 3) detailed informational entries in the subjects of math, science,  and social studies, for grades K-12.  I like this interdisciplinary approach.


Writing to Win Review

In year 2, it’s recommended that you move to the 3-week PAIRED TEXTS routine for each of the 4 Paired Text Packets.  PAIRED TEXTS provide a focused-writing solution for differentiating reading comprehension tasks and written responses to texts.

PAIRED TEXTS guide students in grades 3-12 through reading comprehension at four levels – literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied reading.

PAIRED TEXTS uses a scaffolding of tools and strategies to teach the classic structures of writing (such as compare-contrast, character analysis, and more).

PAIRED TEXTS also provides writing modules for pre-writing, drafting, revision, proofing and evaluating skills.

The program prompts students to write in argument/opinion, informational, and narrative genres.


Writing to Win Review – WHAT WE DID TODAY

You can see the APPLIED GRAMMAR books we used today – both parent and student editions, in Level 4. This homeschool package includes a teacher manual, student book, online webinars, and video tutorials. In level 4, there are 38 lessons that teach kids to craft simple sentences, combine sentences, build paragraphs, and use new sentence patterns in independent writing.

Writing to Win Review

And below, are screenshots from an online lesson



What do I like about the Writing to Win Curricula?

  • I like that it’s for kids K-12 and that it’s a three solution program that builds confident writers.  We haven’t done three solutions yet, but I’m sure the kids are going to benefit from the three years of writing help.
  • Because it supports children as they grow as writers from kindergarten though 12th grade, I really don’t have to shop for another writing program for a while.  This gives my kids consistency – and frankly, it’s one less thing on my to-do list.  So, this is a win-win for the entire family.
  • It can be a standalone product or you can use it in conjunction with another writing program – options are always good. It’s so thorough that we’ve decided to use it as a standalone.
  • With the online program, kids get immediate feedback – and immediate feedback is always a plus.
  • Writing to Win offers lots of support to you the parent – including online videos for each separate task (2-minute short videos), plus longer lesson videos.
  • This program works well for both home and co-op use.
  • I like that homeschoolers were involved in the development of the program.  That’s right – homeschool organizations actually participated in the development of the Writing to Win instructional program.  As a result, it’s a great fit for homeschool students.

Writing to Win Review – What do I like about WRITING ON DEMAND Homeschool Package?

  • This curriculum provides a system for introducing and implementing 22 critical-thinking writing strategies.
  • The program prompts students to write in the argument/opinion, informational, and narrative genre
  • I love how interactive it is.
  • I’m crazy about the inter-disciplinary approach.  Not only do kids learn about language arts/writing – they learn math, science, social studies, and more.

Writing to Win Review – What do I like about PAIRED TEXTS Homeschool Package?

  • I like the scaffolding approach.
  • Paired Texts packets prompt students to write in argument/opinion, informational, and narrative genres.
  • The program teaches pre-writing, drafting, re-vising, proofing, and evaluating.
  • This program utilizes a PALS strategy.

Writing to Win Review – What do I like about APPLIED GRAMMAR Homeschool Package?

  • I appreciate the oral, written, and kinesthetic practice opportunities in APPLIED GRAMMAR, as the different options work well for all learning styles – and they build automaticity.
  • The program is student-driven.
  • Homeschoolers can choose between hard cop­ies (which I like) or online resources (which my kids prefer).
  • The online program improves keyboarding skills – a nice bonus.
  • Teaches all three writing genres.


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