DIY Glowing Bouncy Balls = Science FUN

Science and FUN – really, they go together – or they should – if we want our kids to get EXCITED ABOUT SCIENCE. And don’t we all want that? How can we add a dash of FUN? By making glowing bouncy balls!

Here’s a FUN and simple DIY recipe for bouncy balls, from Growing a Jeweled Rose. The recipe only requires FIVE ingredients, most of which you probably have on hand.

What’s the science behind this?

We went to Science Bob to find out.

“The borax acts as a “cross-linker” to the polymer molecules in the glue – basically it creates chains of molecules that stay together when you pick them up. The cornstarch helps to bind the molecules together so that they hold their shape better. You can turn this activity into a true experiment by adjusting the amount of borax, glue, and cornstarch to get the highest bounce.”


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