Why Families Turn to Education.com to Supplement Homeschooling

One of the many perks of homeschooling is the ability to tailor the curriculum to your child’s interests and needs. And, with over 35,000 PreK-8 learning resources across multiple subjects, Education.com makes it easy to do so! 

Education.com offers a wide range of learning materials including lesson plans, printable and interactive worksheets, hands-on activities, and digital games. With the largest online Learning Library, homeschooling parents can find materials that align with their curriculum or teaching goals and save time searching the internet. 

All of the content on Education.com is designed by educators with years of teaching and curriculum design experience. There are also thousands of worksheets and other learning materials that help teach all the skills in the Common Core State Standards. This alignment ensures parents can address specific learning objectives and ensure their children meet academic benchmarks.

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Here are four ways you can leverage Education.com’s learning resources to create or enhance an at-home learning plan and help your child flourish. Pick one, mix all three methods, or create your own, as long as it works for you and your learner.

Print and go: Use ready-made lesson plans and materials

Education.com’s expert-curated lesson plans take the stress out of planning so you can focus on meaningful instruction. Each ready-to-use guide contains all the materials you need, including step-by-step instructions, printable PDFs, supplemental resources, and more!

These 200+ lesson plans are available across various subjects in PreK through 8th grade and are aligned to Common Core state standards. 

Education.com makes learning fun with printable worksheets. Parents understand that practicing key skills and concepts is the best way to improve their child’s academic performance. Unfortunately, they also understand kids resist practicing because they find it tedious. That’s where Education.com’s worksheets come in handy. Not only do these worksheets help boost academic proficiency in all subjects across all grade levels, but they’re designed to make the entire learning experience more enjoyable for young minds.

For instance, your little learner will be more inclined to practice the alphabet when you print out our alphabet dot-to-dot worksheet, which encourages young students to connect letters in sequence to build a doghouse around a cuddly dog character. Likewise, learning about sounds becomes much more fun with our Time to Rhyme worksheet, which was professionally designed with recognizable objects and symbols that help kids match rhyming words such as clock and sock, and snake and cake.

Older science students will eagerly explore the earth’s layers thanks to a worksheet that uses bright colors to identify and define the crust, mantle, and core, while the African American Inventors worksheet uses easy-to-understand informational text blocks and vintage photographs to engage young history buffs.

Because all of Education.com’s content is regularly updated with fresh concepts and designs, you will never lack ways to keep students of all ages excited about learning.

Foster independent learning 

With Education.com’s Guided Lessons (a Premium feature), your child can hone 800+ core skills through a self-paced digital lesson with step-by-step instructions. Each lesson is a mix of different media—such as songs, stories, and games—that teach or review certain skills. 

The Guided Lessons start with simpler activities and gradually increase in complexity. This progression allows students to build confidence and develop their understanding incrementally, encouraging independent problem-solving and critical thinking.

All the activities in Guided Lessons can be assigned digitally, which children will instantly see in their student portal—no printing needed!

Students can also work autonomously with Education.com’s interactive worksheets. This exciting feature allows students to complete worksheets online, making learning fun and effective! Assign worksheets directly to your child and save time with automatic grading.

With interactive worksheets, children receive immediate feedback, allowing them to review missed questions and get help quickly. 

With vibrant colors and fun graphics, these are beautifully designed active worksheets that students will want to complete! Students can fill in the blanks, drag and drop answers, match up images, and highlight text. It’s intuitive to get started, even for the youngest learners.

Get creative with hands-on learning 

Along with printable and interactive worksheets and digital assignments, Education.com also has activities and games to reinforce the topics your child is interested in through hands-on learning. Use these resources to take your child’s learning outside of the homeschool classroom. 

From art projects and volunteer ideas to science experiments and cooking recipes, our collection of hands-on activities includes enrichment ideas for all grade levels and subject areas. Our PreK-8 educational games teach learners important topics from math and English language arts to typing and coding in an engaging environment.

Powerful tools to manage learning and track progress

Education.com makes it easy to share worksheets and games with the Assignments feature (Premium.) Exercises you select show up in your students’ Assignments section, letting them know they have work to do. You have control over how many attempts your students have to complete Assignments, and you can mark Assignments as mandatory, so your pupils have to finish them before moving on to other games.

After your kids have completed a few Assignments, you can see how they’re doing with the Progress Tracker (Premium). Follow along on their learning journey as this tool shows you your students’ proficiency in core skills and pinpoints where they need extra help. 

It will also recommend games and exercises you can assign to help bolster those skills that need attention and close knowledge gaps. The Progress Tracker additionally offers a classroom view displayed like a grade book and a Student Progress bar that shows how many kids have started their Assignments. You can print these recommended activities or assign them directly from the Progress Tracker, making it easy to help your learner grow! 

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Education.com is a powerful time-saving resource for homeschooling parents. With a Learning Library of 35,000 educator-created worksheets, games, and hands-on projects, you’ll be sure to find materials that will captivate your children and help them boost their learning. 

Get started for free today and receive 3 downloads per month! Once you’re ready for more, upgrade to Education.com Premium for unlimited access. 
Education.com makes it easy to give your students an exciting learning experience while providing you with the tools to track their progress and address their needs. Find everything you need on one site so you can spend less time searching and more time teaching.

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