Advantages of Homeschooling

There are SO MANY advantages of homeschooling! I know, as a homeschooler I might be biased.  But really, there are MANY! In fact, here is a list of just some of the advantages that come to mind:

  • Individualized education. The public school system uses a cookie-cutter approach to education. With homeschooling you can design the perfect education – specifically for your child.
  • Low student-teacher ratio. With homeschooling you can teach your children individually, with your other children, or a little of both. When possible, I try to teach my kids together, giving them slightly different instruction and assignments depending on their age. There is still time however for individual 1:1 education.
  • Teach to your child’s learning style. A lot of homeschool curriculum takes learning styles into consideration and teaches to the different learning styles.  If you’re developing a lesson on your own, and your child is a visual learner, it’s easy to incorporate visual elements into the lesson.
  • Teach to your child’s interests. If you can teach to your child’s learning style and to his/her interests, I don’t see how you can go wrong. Your child will be interested and engaged, and s/he will enjoy learning.  If your child has a specific interest in animals, you can gear your reading, science, writing, and other subjects around animals.  When your child then becomes interested in aviation, it’s easy to pivot and teach about aviation. A teacher in a school setting just can’t do this for 20+ students.
  • Hands-on education.  Homeschoolers learn by doing and so much learning is hands-on. I believe homeschoolers experience much more than their public school students (who are tied to desks and textbooks).

The top 5 advantages above should be enough for you to consider homeschooling, but if you want even more advantages,  I’ve listed more below:

  • Teacher dedicationWho wants your children to succeed more than you do? Before we homeschooled, my kids had some not-so-good, and some very good teachers.  But even the good ones weren’t as invested in my kids as I am.  Investment matters.
  • Ability to help a struggling child. If your child struggles in a subject or has a learning disability, you can focus on the issue, do research, try things, and overcome the problem.  You can address issues early on.  How often are issues addressed quickly in public school?
  • Ability to help a gifted child.  So often gifted children are bored in public school.  If you have a gifted child, you can encourage his/her abilities, hire tutors, etc.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste – how many wonderful minds are turned off by school, early on?
  • Lots of opportunities for children to learn, think, and act independently. Children who are homeschooled learn to think independently and to embrace education on all levels. Learning becomes a life-long skill.
  • A consistent education. Because homeschoolers manage their child’s education over years, there is a  consistency to it (perhaps in curriculum choices, what is stressed, etc.) – and homeschoolers can implement and work towards long-term goals. (I want my kids to be exceptional coders so we include more difficult coding classes, or new coding languages every year).

Need to know more about the advantages of homeschooling?  Below, are even more advantages:

  • Exceptional teaching materials. Homeschoolers have access to the best and most up-to-date teaching materials. Since many materials are on-line, they are updated frequently (unlike physical textbooks). And as mentioned previously, teaching materials can be chosen based on a child’s interests and capabilities, which makes them truly exceptional for each child.
  • More efficient use of time. Homeschools use time more efficiently than do public schools. Homeschoolers can usually accomplish more learning in less time than those being educated in regular schools.
  • Flexibility for the family. Homeschoolers can arrange their schedules around their family’s needs.  If someone becomes sick, if an emergency arises, etc., it’s easy to change the schedule.  I know homeschoolers that are on the road with their trucker father and homeschoolers that are presently homeschooling in Europe. Now, that’s flexibility!  🙂
  • More opportunities for experiences. This goes hand in hand with increased efficiency and family flexibility.  We go on one field trip per week, and if we’re studying something major, like the Civil War, we go to battlefield locations, etc.  I admit it, sometimes we plan family vacations around what we’re studying. In addition to field trips, my kids have the time and the ability to do volunteer work, to barter their services, to take dance and music lessons, to meet with community mentors, etc.
  • Close family relationships. Homeschool families spend more time together.  This is time learning, growing, and laughing together.  Of course, a strong family bond is one of the outcomes.

The advantages of homeschooling are endless. In fact, here are some more!

  • More opportunities for physical activity. Formal exercise, playing outside, sports, dance and karate lessons,  household chores, and more – homeschool kids have the opportunity (and the flexibility) to be active throughout the day – not just during 10-15 minute breaks.
  • Well rested kids.  I’ve been reading articles about kids’ need for sleep – especially teenagers.  My kids have time to get the rest they need.  They’re not getting up early to catch a bus in the dark, and they’re not staying up until midnight to complete homework for the next day. Plus, if they want to take a nap at 1:00 pm they can.  Isn’t flexibility wonderful?
  • Better diet.  I have more control over what my kids eat – have you seen school lunches?  Even if I packed their lunches, I have no idea what they’d trade for.
  • Less peer pressure.  Now, that’s a bonus/advantage!

If you are looking for more information on how to get started with homeschooling, we’ve got you covered.