Lynn Early Learning Academy (LELA)

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Lynn Early Learning Academy (LELA) is an online program that brings together award-winning technology to guide parents and children on their journey to kindergarten readiness. Digital skills set young learners on a path to success—and the path begins here.


The program development executives of Lynn Early Learning Academy are both former classroom teachers and have worked with thousands of early learning preschools across the United States for several years. They have found a strong need for parents to be supported and guided on how to prepare their children for kindergarten. After all parents are their child’s first teacher. They wanted to create an affordable program that would include a variety of learning tools and a live LELA coach. That’s what parents will find at Lynn Early Learning Academy.

“We knew we wanted to put together a program that would include curriculum in all four subject areas and consist of a strong literacy component, but also be mindful of too much screen time, which is why we included Character Education and the Learning Moments. These lessons will provide parents with activities outside of screen time for a healthy balance.” Corinne Muller – LELA Coach

The Learning Tools: is the leading most comprehensive digital early learning resource. The content provides families with highly engaging and effective learning activities that build a strong foundation for academic success. Lynn Early Learning Academy will be using the assessment tools and curriculum to customize each child’s learning path. The LELA coaches will lead parents through each section of the site, ensuring support and guidance every step of the way.


Through the LanguaMetrics program parents will have access to Languabooks, which will assess a child’s speaking and listening abilities with the use of highly interactive online books. This program will support parents in identifying their child’s speaking and reading errors, helping to improve reading skills more rapidly.


“LELA is our young knight in training who is accompanied by each one of our characters. Each episode introduces a different trait while taking LELA and our students on a journey through Lynnville.” Erin Elder, LELA Coach




Lynn Early Learning Academy’s Character Education puppets provide engaging videos that help children understand what good character means at this young age.  Each puppet’s personality is playful and fun. This enables children to relate and enjoy themselves while learning these important lessons.


The Learning Moments were created to give parents fun and engaging activities or crafts to do with their children.  It is important that learning is extended into every day, hands on activities.  There is a learning moment present in almost everything we do throughout the day, whether it be a shopping trip at the grocery store or even just getting dressed.


Information about Lynn University

Lynn University, founded in 1962, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs on campus and online. The Lynn University College of Education is accredited by the Florida Department of Education and offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Grades K–6 , Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: School Administration K–12.

The Program Development Executives are both enrolled in Lynn University’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, with an expected graduation date in Spring 2018.

Lynn Early Learning Academy (LELA)
  • Lynn Early Learning Academy (LELA)
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