Thank you Homeschooling

This is Why All Those Weird Moms Homeschool is an article written by homeschool mom Jessica Smartt.  In the article, she reflects on the advantages of homeschooling, and she even thanks homeschooling for the following –

Because of you, my children are very best friends. All three of them, even the little. What a precious gift you’ve given us. Because of you, we spend some quality time around here. Yes, that is more time to poke pencils at each other’s kneecaps and dump sand malignantly down one another’s shirts. But overall, from the quality time we are deep, true friends. So thanks.

Come to think of it, thanks for all that reading. For the stories. You’ve reminded me that a good story is a good story at 5 or 35. We’ve read by the fire, we’ve read in the sand, we’ve read in the backyard on blankets.  We’ve read and laughed, we’ve read and cried. Okay, that was me. I cried, and they laughed at me. But still, homeschooling – these books are great. Thanks.

Homeschooling, thanks for all of the Extra Things we can fit in our day. We can sit on a couch under a fuzzy blanket on a Tuesday, just because. We can bake together. We can play checkers. We can make Valentine’s Day cards for the neighbors, we can write our Compassion kids, we can paint flowers with watercolor (crumple it up when it’s just not right and start again). Since I’m just not one of these Super Moms who would fit these things in the smidgens of the afternoons and weekends, I need you, homeschooling.

Homeschooling, you give us so many gifts. But the greatest one. Thank you for giving me Second Chances to parent. I am so hurried a person. So preoccupied, so distracted. I shudder to think how rushed and busy our family would be without you in our lives.

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And please let us know what homeschooling has given you – what do you thank homeschooling for?  You can leave your comments below.