The Ultimate Eco Conscious Online Curriculum Solution for Homeschooling Families  

Are you a new homeschooling family looking for a comprehensive and holistic online curriculum that engages and inspires your children? Look no further than Origins Curriculum!  

Origins Curriculum is a research-based online curriculum is inspired by unschooling  principles and designed to provide your child with a rich and meaningful education.  

Say goodbye to hours spent researching and planning lessons. With Origins, you have  access to an award-winning, year-round online curriculum that covers all subject areas. From  reading and writing to science and math, our online curriculum is designed to be adaptable to  your child’s needs and interests, giving them control over their learning journey.  

Origins believes in providing a global education that fosters eco-literacy and  mindfulness. Their online curriculum takes your child on an adventure into global biomes,  where they will learn about the regions in depth, including the people, flora, and fauna,  water cycles, food systems, weather patterns, soil types and how these regions connect  to the greater global eco-system. These topics are explored through the lenses of  various subjects including science, music, art, social studies, history, mathematics and  more.  

One of the unique aspects of their online curriculum is that it is designed to be child interest led. This means that your child can take a deeper dive into a topic that they are  passionate about or breeze through one that they are less interested in. Their lessons  are adaptable to your child’s needs, giving them the freedom to explore and develop their own interests and passions.  

Origins also believe in fostering critical-thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Their online curriculum encourages students to solve real-world problems while gaining confidence  in their identity, meaning, and purpose. By engaging in meaningful learning  experiences, your child will develop the skills they need to succeed in the world.  

Origins recognizes that a holistic education includes more than just academic subjects.  That’s why they include nutrition, movement, and fine arts in their online curriculum, because  they know that these subjects are essential to helping your child develop a well-rounded  understanding of the world.  

Origins nutrition lessons provide your child with an opportunity to learn about how the  body needs and uses nutrients to stay healthy. Thematic recipes offer a hands-on  learning experience, exploration of global food culture, and an opportunity for  meaningful connection. 

Movement lessons provide opportunities for your child to take part in physical exertion,  which can help them expel energy, strengthen their bodies, and calm their minds.  Origins’ variety of yoga-inspired videos and other movement-related content ground and  center your child’s feelings and focus.  

Fine arts lessons offer hands-on artistic exploration to help your child explore their  internal and external worlds, practicing and developing their own personal relationship  with self-expression.  

Reading and writing are fundamental skills for any student. Origins Curriculum provides  your child with foundational skills and strategies for the study of language. Using  literature and writing opportunities, we build your child’s confidence as a reader and  writer. They will be empowered to independently explore subjects that ignite their  passions, while using their writing for creative self-expression and positive, real-world  change.  

Culture and society are also essential components of a holistic education. Origins Curriculum provides a chance for your child to explore themselves and others through  the study of human culture and history. This form of child-led study pushes your child to  think critically and creatively, so they can imagine and take part in a better future.  

Mathematics can be a daunting subject for many students, but we believe that it can be  taught in a way that is engaging and meaningful. Origins has a right-brained approach  to math helps your child understand math in the context of the natural world. Lessons  focus on developing understanding, opportunities for meaningful practice, and  encouraging your child to apply what they have learned.  

In addition to providing a comprehensive online curriculum with all the subjects covered in  traditional schooling plus more, Origins also offers a community of support for  homeschooling families. Their team of experienced educators can answer any questions you may have and provide guidance and support along with their growing  community of both experienced and new homeschool families in their private Facebook  group.  

Origins’ team of experienced educators is here to answer any questions you may have  and provide guidance and support along the way. With Origins Curriculum, you can  provide your child with a top-notch education that is tailored to their individual needs  and learning style while fostering a love of learning, eco-consciousness and a global  perspective.  

To learn more about Origins Curriculum and how you can get started on your  homeschooling journey today, visit and join them in changing the world, one child at a time! 

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