Unschooling is a homeschooling style that aligns with interest-led learning and child-led learning concepts. Unschoolers learn from everyday life experiences rather than formal lessons and books. Unschoolers believe the more personal learning is, the more meaningful it is to the child.

Unschooling eschews state standards, standard curricula, and student grading, and gives the student the power to choose which subjects and interests they want to pursue and which ones they don’t.

Unschoolers consider learning is as innate as breathing. If learning is never made into something that isn’t fun, then it continues to be something joyful throughout life.

So, what about structure?

Unschooling isn’t about a lack of structure – it’s about choice. The freedom for the learner to choose what s/he wants to learn, and when.


What about when kids want to learn something their parents don’t know?

Unschoolers can get the information they need from many different sources. We do live in the age of the Internet! There are also great resources like the library, homeschool co-ops, support groups, dual credit college classes, and mentors in the community. There are thousands of ways to learn something new. Kids don’t need to be inside a typical school system to do learn amazing things.

Will unschoolers have gaps in their education?

Everyone has gaps in their education! 🙂  Unschoolers believe that the true advantages of unschooling outweigh any disadvantages/gaps.


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Resources for Unschoolers: