Why Homeschoolers are Turning to Wyzant for Tutoring Support

As a homeschooling parent, you do your best to provide a comprehensive, balanced curriculum for your child as homeschool has numerous unique benefits beyond a typical education. But sometimes, you might come across a particular subject that you’re unsure about how to approach, or your child might not be grasping certain material sufficiently, or maybe the day just seems too short to do it all! In this article, we’ll dive into why Wyzant is a trusted solution for homeschooling parents who are looking for qualified tutors to supplement their child’s learning needs. 

There are numerous tutoring services out there, but only Wyzant offers pricing transparency, scheduling flexibility, and a large community of 65,000 qualified and experienced tutors  specializing in more than 300 subjects.

Through Wyzant’s platform, you can search through thousands of tutors who are ready to help guide your child through any subject–from math and science to history, literature, music, and foreign languages!

What’s more, your first hour with a new tutor is protected by Wyzant’s Good Fit Guarantee, so there is no risk in booking a lesson. Wyzant is committed to student success and understands that every student learns differently. To honor this commitment, Wyzant’s policy is that if your child does not feel that their new tutor was a good fit, you will receive a full refund for the first hour of tutoring. 

Try Wyzant risk-free today with the Good Fit Guarantee

Transparent pricing and flexible scheduling

Homeschooling is a great way to give your child a personalized education, but it can be difficult when you have a busy schedule. That’s where Wyzant comes in!

Wyzant offers flexible scheduling options for homeschoolers who need additional support from expert instructors. With Wyzant, parents can book tutoring sessions at times that work best for their families. This is especially beneficial for households with lots of after-school activities or non-traditional homeschooling hours. 

And working with a private tutor is more affordable than you would expect! Wyzant removes barriers to learning by providing all the pricing information you need upfront, meaning there are zero hidden costs. Parents can filter and sort tutors based on hourly rates, making it easy to find a tutor that fits their budget. Plus, unlike other tutoring sites, there are no recurring subscriptions! Tutoring on Wyzant is pay-as-you-go, which means you only have to pay for the exact amount of sessions your child needs.  

Wondering how much Wyzant typically costs? Average tutoring rates on Wyzant range between $35-$65 an hour. Wyzant is a tutoring marketplace, not a typical tutoring service, and that makes all the difference! Because tutors work independently, they have the option to set their own rates, which means parents get more varied options to fit their budget. This is also the reason why Wyzant has more transparent pricing and why Wyzant customers get quicker access to tutoring than they would on other sites!

Largest community of tutors in the nation

With more than 65,000 tutors, Wyzant offers a wide range of tutoring subjects and specialties, so parents can get support in areas where they may not feel as confident teaching on their own.

Not only do tutors have years of experience to draw on, but they also provide an exemplary level of teaching expertise that can boost homeschooling curriculums to take kids to the next level. No matter what grade or subject, Wyzant has tutors ready to assist parents with their homeschooling needs. 

Popular subjects include algebra 1 and 2, calculus, chemistry, biology, writing, psychology, history, coding, Spanish, Chinese, French, and even more niche subjects like music composition and animation! Wyzant also has tutors who specialize in test prep, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement courses, and the College Level Examination Program.  

Whatever your child is interested in learning, chances are Wyzant has a tutor for that! By hiring an expert tutor, parents can ease their anxiety with the assurance that their learner’s educational needs are being met and exceeded. 

Qualified and experienced tutors

All Wyzant tutors are carefully vetted and go through a rigorous process to become approved to teach in their subject areas. Their profiles are also thoroughly evaluated by Wyzant’s Content Review team. 

After searching for a tutor based on subject, availability, or price, parents can check tutor credentials, read students reviews, and see if they’ve had a background check or request one.

Parents can also search for tutors specifically catering to homeschooling as they are able to provide insight on which homeschool curriculum to use and what additional resources are available

Support unique learning needs

Each student has their own unique learning needs and preferences. On Wyzant, you can find a tutor who takes the time to understand the way your child learns and adapt to their specific learning style and needs. Ultimately, this empowers your child with a customized learning experience.

As all Wyzant lessons are one-on-one, tutors can take into account the individual learning modes, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses of their students. That’s why tutoring is especially beneficial for students with less traditional learning styles. 

For example, if your child is an auditory learner who comprehends and processes information better by hearing it out loud, they might benefit from Wyzant’s video lessons. Plus, they can play back recordings of their lessons through Wyzant’s Online Learning Tool for extra review. 

Alternatively, if your child is more of a visual learner, Wyzant’s Whiteboard feature could come in handy, as it allows their tutor to easily share files, draw visual representations of concepts, and write or graph equations. 

Learn anywhere

Wyzant tutoring sessions take place in-person or in a virtual classroom. All online sessions are conducted via Wyzant’s Online Learning Tool with features such as a whiteboard, text editor, audio and video chat, and screen-sharing capabilities. Students can request their sessions be recorded, and they can then use those as a review tool at a later date. 

There is also an option to search for tutors in your area who can meet at your house or at a location of your choice. 

Try Wyzant today!

Wyzant is here to help you guide your children through their educational journey, and it’s easy to incorporate sessions into your everyday schedule! On Wyzant, homeschooling parents can search for a tutor based on budget, book a tutor anytime their children need one, and choose to meet online or in person. With thousands of tutors skilled in different subjects, you’ll be sure to find the right fit. And most importantly, tutoring helps boost confidence and builds self-esteem. Tutors on Wyzant provide encouragement and the right tools to help your child gain a new awareness of their abilities. Wyzant makes learning personal and delivers results. 

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