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Life of Fred

Never again hear the question which many math students have: “When are we ever gonna use this stuff?” or “Math is boring!” Life of Fred Math Curriculum is the answer to all of your homeschool math issues.

No other textbooks are like these. Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for the math and then learns the methods. Tons of solved examples. Each hardcover textbook contains ALL of the material – more than most instructors cover in traditional classroom settings. Includes tons of proofs.

Written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt, Life of Fred Math Curriculum was written with the intent to make math come alive with lots of humor, clear explanations, and silly illustrations that stick in the mind. The student will learn to think mathematically.

Completion of the Life of Fred Math Curriculum series prepares student for third year college math.

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Life of Fred Math Reviews
  • Math a Whole New Way!


Math a whole new way – I sort of bought this on a whim. We do Life of Fred each day, right after we do reading. My daughter must associate reading with Life of Fred. The other day she asked me if she can “start doing math.” I told her we do, every day, that Life of Fred is math. She looked at me very excited, and said, can we do some now? That’s the thing about Fred, they are doing math, and not even realizing that they are doing math. It’s engaging, and not at all intimidating. ~Scott And Angela, Homeschooling Mom
Great Books! My son loves these books and so do I! He’s always sad when we are finished with them each day and asks to keep going 🙂 I’m so happy I purchased them for him!! ~Rebecca P
This is AMAZING! This review is for Life of Fred Elementary Math Book Series. I just purchansed the complete set of Life with Fred Elementary Math books. My 6 year old grandson was in a Montessori school for kindergarten and most of first grade. Due to a major move he is now living close to me. It was decided that I would homeschool him at least through second grade. He loved his school, but had grown to have a huge dislike of math. We started with Apples and in 9 days he completed the entire book (2 chapters a day). He even schooled on Saturday and Sunday and after chapters said, “I love math! It is my favorite!” We are now half way through Butterflies and he is still in love with math! At first he insisted that I read the entire chapter to him, but that has changed also. I am so impressed with Dr. Stanley’s books and the impact it has made on my grandson! ~Christy C

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