Math-U-See Curriculum

math-u-see curriculum

Demme Learning/Math-U-See teaches math in a way that equips and encourages both teacher and student.  Math-U-See is a complete K – 12 math curriculum focused on homeschool and small group learning environments. They “Build Understanding” in students by using manipulatives in a multi-sensory, mastery-based approach suitable for all levels and learning styles. Each Math-U-See curriculum level focuses on a specific set of concepts while continuously reviewing and integrating previous concepts; other math topics are introduced where appropriate.

They teach by concept:

  • Emphasis on the “why” of problem solving, not just the “how”
  • Focus on teaching students how/when to apply concepts
  • A systematic and cumulative approach that is definitive and logical

They are a mastery program:

  • Step-by-step procedures for introducing, practicing, mastering, and reviewing concepts
  • Designed to teach students specific skills in sequence as the student progresses

The curriculum is skill-based & multisensory:

  • Use of block manipulatives to teach concepts for every level
  • Teaching that incorporates multiple senses to accommodate each learner

View their webinars to see for yourself.

Math-U-See Curriculum, combines hands-on methodology with incremental instruction and continual review in this manipulative-based program. It excels in its hands-on presentation of math concepts that enables students to understand how math works. It is one of the rare multi-sensory math programs that continues to use manipulatives up through Algebra 1.

Math-U-See is so popular because many parents and teachers find that author Steve Demme’s presentations of math concepts helps them to finally comprehend much that they were taught in math but never understood. Parents and teachers with a new or renewed enthusiasm for math then do a much better job teaching their own children.

Math-U-See uses a “skill-mastery” approach, requiring students to demonstrate mastery of each topic before moving on. The program also builds in systematic review for previously learned concepts.

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