Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products – 2020

This year we’ve put together the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products list just for you. Every year we struggle to find the best homeschool curriculum for our kids that provides both breadth and depth and includes resources to keep our kids engaged. Not only do kids get bored easily, but we want them to have a well-rounded education. It’s hard to find new and unique products these days, and it’s especially hard to find the best homeschool curriculum for your child’s learning style. So, we put together The Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products List of 2020 just for that very reason. These products are some that we use in our homeschooling, and/or have come highly recommended from other homeschooling families. We hope that you will spend some time getting to know the companies on the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Produts list. They are all small businesses and your support of them is not only greatly appreciated, it gives you the chance to try something new and innovative with your kids. The products in the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products List are sure to get your kids excited about learning this year. Have any suggestions for the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products List? Please email We are always looking for suggestions.

NOTE: The products & services in The Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products List of 2020 are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

All in One Curriculum – This award-winning digital solution for PreK-12 homeschooling provides everything you need to educate your child from the comfort of your own home. Sarah, from HowToHomeschool, said, “This is my favorite homeschool curriculum I’ve ever reviewed.” With engaging lessons, interactive activities, and teaching guides for parents, it is the most cost-effective way to a fantastic education for your kids. For just $19.99 per grade (when on sale), it is a fantastic solution for parents who are looking for a complete curriculum without breaking the bank. The course work can be completed on a computer, tablet or by printing the lessons for your student. Learn more at

American School – American School offers quality accredited courses in grades 6-12 at a cost families can afford.  Courses are available in online and paper-based formats and include core subject areas like English, math, science and social studies as well as elective courses in business, career and technical education, fine arts and world languages.  Select AP courses for advanced high school students are also available.  Students may enroll in full-year programs which lead to them earning American School’s accredited high school diploma, or they may enroll in individual subjects to enrich an existing homeschool program.  Regardless of how many courses they take, students can work at their own pace and contact American School for assistance at any time.  Instructors are available to answer questions via phone during normal business hours and reply to emails within one business day.  Courses are available to students in all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world, and monthly payment plans are available for students in full-year programs.  American School is accredited by MSA-CESS, Ai and NCPSA and has been a leader in distance education since 1897.  For more information, visit or call 708-418-2800.  American School looks forward to serving your family!

Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Homeschool is a turnkey curriculum designed to fully equip homeschool teachers and students with everything they need for a dynamic learning experience. This 12-chapter personal finance curriculum will teach students how to save, spend wisely, avoid debt, invest early, build wealth, and give generously. Additionally, the curriculum meets standards and benchmarks in all 50 states. With this curriculum, you’ll receive:
• A digital teacher’s edition with a 160-page teacher guide and more than 35 activities, case studies and assessments.
• Over 12 hours of engaging instruction taught by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts, delivered on a set of five DVDs.
• A 288-page softcover student text that provides students an opportunity to learn, practice and apply important personal finance knowledge and skills.
• Access to foundationsU, the blended learning site that includes interactive tools, relevant articles, and real-world activities.

Writing2Win is a full curriculum of integrated reading and writing. With it, children start connecting “winning” with writing to learn content in ELA, math, science, and social studies! Three proven instructional solutions significantly improve student achievement on state and standardized tests.

The 3-part curriculum launches in Year 1 with Applied Grammar (online or print). Sentence-combining puzzles engage K-12 children (They’re fun!) and, with repetition, imprint mature sentence patterns indelibly in their brains. Parents see the patterns appear in their children’s writing within weeks.

Later in Year 1, Daily Writing on Demand launches 12 critical-thinking strategies that help students show increasing proficiency in mastering knowledge of course standards. For example, completing three entries/week helps struggling math students meet and exceed expectations of their grade level and above.

Year 2 adds Paired Texts Packets to the first two solutions. Students read, analyze, and respond to content-rich texts in 30-minutes sessions over the course of 3 weeks. Completing 3-4 packets, students produce increasingly proficient multi-paragraph essays using information from two sources

A quality education doesn’t have to be expensive, take all of your time, and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Our all-inclusive curriculum is designed to help you confidently teach your child. The detailed lesson plans cover all subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Development, Fitness, Character Development, and Bible) and are created around thematic units. Unit studies are a fun way to learn subject matter and increase your child’s understanding of the material. A variety of activities are provided because each child learns in a unique way.

The goal of Homeschool Complete is not only to teach facts and figures, but also to instill higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills that create a love of learning.

The curriculum is easy for the parent to follow, and contains everything you need for a complete program that helps to simplify the sometimes overwhelming process of homeschooling. Learn more at!

Up-Words Reading® – Up-Words Reading® is an early literacy instructional program designed to teach children to read and spell the English language. The program, developed by Lorie Delk, M Ed., CCC-SLP, Laura Scheer, M. Ed., and Jessica Kersting, Ph. D., CCC-SLP, carefully follows research-based best practices in literacy education and incorporates time-tested techniques proven to enhance the learning experience. The program provides a complete, self-contained package with everything you need! Comprised of four levels, each level includes Teachers Manuals, Student Workbooks, Decodable Readers and a Resource Kit. It addresses phonological awareness skills, phonics, fluency, sight words and reading comprehension. The program introduces young readers to entertaining characters and consistent narratives that last throughout the entire curriculum. Students can look forward to returning to these lovable characters week after week and discovering what adventures they’re going to encounter next! Up-Words Reading® promotes wholesome values and is effective for all students across the learning spectrum.

Carol P. Roman – Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts a blog radio program called Indie Authors Roundtable and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. Carole has co-authored two self-help books. Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing with Julie A. Gerber, and Marketing Indieworld with both Julie A. Gerber and Angela Hausman. She published Mindfulness for Kids with J. Robin Albertson-Wren and a new joke book called The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes! She writes adult fiction under the name Brit Lunden and is currently helping to create an anthology with her mythical town of Bulwark, Georgia with a group of indie authors. She lives on Long Island near her children and grandchildren.

Oak Meadow – Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow provides a flexible, progressive education for independent learners in kindergarten to grade 12.

At Oak Meadow, we see you as a traveler on a journey of learning—a fellow educator, not just a customer. We’re here for you, we listen to you, and we’ll support and guide you through one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent: how to educate your child.

Our print-based curriculum can be used independently by homeschoolers, or through enrollment in our teacher-supported distance learning school. Our approach is compassionate and student-centered because we believe that children are sensitive and intelligent and that learning can be joyfully integrated into life.

RightStart™ Mathematics – Do you want a strong, comprehensive math program for your children? One that is easy to teach and one that gives the children the foundation they need for everyday living and for studying science in our technological world. Do you want your children to have a solid understanding and love for math?

RightStart™ Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach to elementary math. Fractions are approached with a linear perspective. Card games are used to learn concepts and strategies and to practice facts. The lessons guide the teacher day-by-day, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics.

Easy Grammar Systems – Easy Grammar Systems publishes the Easy Grammar series, Daily GRAMS series and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series. Author Dr. Wanda Phillips has long been recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing. She also introduces concepts in a building-block manner and incorporates a cyclical approach that helps students understand.

Easy Grammar texts (Grades 3-7) use the prepositional approach, which deletes prepositional phrases to help students find subject, verb, agreement, etc. Concepts are taught in a building-block-escalator paradigm that incorporates mastery learning strategies.

Daily GRAMS texts (Grade 3-7) are daily, 5-10-minute reviews (180 lessons). Following a systematic format, students complete capitalization (#1), punctuation (#2), grammar and other concepts (#3/#4), and sentence combining (#5) for improved quality of writing.

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series texts (Grades 8-12) provide high-school students with 180 teaching lessons designed cyclically for mastery. Concepts are introduced, reviewed, and applied in 10-minute lessons, allowing focus on literature and writing.

Math Mammoth – Math Mammoth offers full math curriculum and supplemental worktexts and workbooks for elementary and middle school (plus some supplemental materials for high school), loved by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

All of the books are available as downloads — and most also as printed books.

The materials emphasize mental math, conceptual thinking, and number sense. The books and are often self-teaching or nearly so for many students (require little teacher preparation). They are mastery-oriented, yet can also be used in a somewhat spiral manner.

The full curriculum comes with free videos matched to it. The company also offers various supplemental materials, from spiral review workbooks to real-life activity books.

Use the code DH9R-Y5HN-TSV2 at checkout to get 20% off of your purchases for digital products at

Innovators Tribe – There are an estimated 1.2 million home school and private school students in the U.S. who have the gift of innovation. Some know it, and some don’t. The problem is the alarming few training and curriculum resources available to help identify, encourage, and train these special students who are often left without a sense of purpose. is the perfect online resource for students grades 6-12 who want to learn how to DESIGN, BUILD and CREATE the world of tomorrow.

Our courses were developed to intentionally help revive innovation, creativity, and discovery. Packed inside each course are exciting, cutting-edge knowledge and activities designed for grades 6-12.

Students will learn about topics like engineering, nano-technology, architecture, innovation, 3D design, future technologies, robotics, bridge building, construction, manufacturing, and much more. They will also learn tools and techniques that will help them think like an innovator and become world-class problem-solvers!

Quality Science Labs – Quality Science Labs is a rapidly growing business located in the majestic Rocky Mountains just west of Colorado Springs. It’s passion is science ……teaching it, learning it, and experiencing it.
Quality Science Labs provides “innovative solutions for quality education” by offering hands-on lab kits that deliver active-learning experiences for elementary through college preparatory students.

The Good and the Beautiful has brought joy, ease, and goodness back into homeschooling! Their FREE, open-and-go Language Arts courses have been downloaded over one million times, and families are raving about the unmatched beauty and quality of every one of their products. Parents love the strong academics, open-and-go simplicity, and affordability, and children love the engaging content.
The Good and the Beautiful’s highly acclaimed Language Arts program, levels PreK–12, combines multiple subjects into one, connecting learning and eliminating the need for 6 to 7 different courses. Family-style History courses for grades 1–12 make teaching multiple ages at once simple and enjoyable. Each course covers ancient through modern history, stopping in different places and time periods to explore in depth.
Their new Math program is carefully designed to avoid unneeded busy work and make lessons concise and easy to teach all while being extremely engaging and thorough. Musical Multiplication, a revolutionary new product, is a fun, new way to learn multiplication! Children learn quickly and easily through vibrant images and beautiful songs. Their one-of-a-kind, family-style Science Units guide children grades K–8 through an exploration of the beautiful world around them while diving deep into subjects such as space, weather, chemistry, and more.
Children love the beautiful Handwriting courses where they learn print and cursive combined with fun, engaging activities that emphasize a love of beautiful art while building fine motor skills. The Good and the Beautiful also offers many Electives, including Typing, Nature Notebooks, Creative Writing Notebooks, and Creative Arts & Crafts.
Each course is carefully created to teach advanced academics while connecting children to the good and the beautiful in life and in learning. One of their newest additions is The Good and the Beautiful Library, with over a hundred books that parents can be sure are of the highest literary and moral value. Their FREE Book List provides suggestions and reviews of hundreds of books for parents seeking the best literature for their families. 
The Good and the Beautiful is on a mission to bring goodness and beauty into the hearts and homes of families through the highest academic standards. The best part is that they make it easy to see if their curriculum is right for your family by offering extensive samples of each course on their website. They also offer levels 1–5 of their Language Arts course sets as well as their Marine Biology Science Unit completely FREE! CLICK HERE to head over now and see the quality and beauty of their curriculum for yourself! 

Wings to Soar Online Academy – Is your child struggling with reading, spelling, writing, or math? Are you at a loss for your next steps to help your child become a confident reader? Are you afraid your child will never catch up? Is your child ashamed of being so far behind? Worried your “late-bloomer” actually needs intervention?

Wings to Soar Online Academy empowers dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners to gain skills and confidence through personalized online Path to Success™ Learning Plans for K-12th. Wings to Soar partners with parents to design a package with just the right programs, support, and accountability for your unique situation. Enroll in just targeted intervention on up to full enrollment. Get started on the path to your child’s breakthrough by requesting your free Just-Right Level™ Assessments today!

Fahrenheit™ Card Game – Fahrenheit™ is a simple card game created by a homeschool family that involves luck and strategy, but mostly it’s just fun! With temperature cards from -32 to +32 degrees and weather terminology wild cards, the temp rises & falls during the game until someone plays all their cards. The winner of the game will have the score closest to zero when done. Each round, the person who goes out gets a score of zero, other players add up the positive and negative values of the cards left in their hand for their score. In the next rounds, players can strategize their play to try to end up with cards that will bring their score to zero. \n\nThe game is fun, quick to learn, teaches or sharpens math skills and is a great way to get the family around the table, recover lost social skills, and turn those phones off!

Beestar Educations Inc – Beestar is an online service to kids community for academic excellence. It offers weekly programs in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary and Gifted & Talented Math of Grade 1 to Grade 8. By applying knowledge to real life problems, Beestar exposes the students to the challenge of life questions. Students thus gain their analytical thinking ability and improve their problem solving skills through those challenges.

Beestar has Fall, Spring and Summer semesters in an academic year. Students participate challenges for 18 weeks in Fall, 18 weeks in Spring and 8 weeks in Summer. Scores and Statistics of all terms are stored in students’ online accounts to be reviewed by parents and teachers. Beestar students with high achievements are awarded with weekly honor roll rankings, end-of-term trophies and medals. Hall of Famers are the most outstanding students in Beestar’s 16 years of history.

Beebliome Books – Beebliome is dedicated to bringing teen and young adult readers superb e-books. Great historical fiction and folk tale titles are now iBook and Kindle e-books, many of them layered with interesting pop-up facts, maps, and illustrations which give each story more depth while providing the reader opportunities to explore different times and cultures.

Also, the Beebliome Children’s Collection offers interactive children’s e-picture books and chapter readers that perfect for bed-time and independent reading.

Forest Trail Academy – Forest Trail Academy is well known for its accolades and academic excellence. It is registered as a private school with the Florida Department of Education and offers a self-paced, student-centered method. Because of this personalized learning emphasis,Forest Trail Academy has also been an alternative education choice for competitive athletes, students in need of extra attention, and students with unique circumstances. Each student receives the assistance of a Student Adviser who evaluates the student’s educational, career, and personal goals in order to create a unique need-based learning path. A key belief of Forest Trail Academy is that all students can become life-long learners.

SuperBooks Company – Have you been searching for a reading program that:
provides sequential phonics skills, teaches phonics in story context, incorporates phonics and literature, while providing a home-school connection?

The SuperBooks Program is a unique, integrated reading program that provides real stories with real characters for real children. SuperBooks are full color, 8 page phonetic readers. Story topics promote: math and science concepts, environmental concerns, childhood adventures, and human relationships.

The comprehensive teacher’s guide contains a scope and sequence chart of skills and forty 3-part lesson plans that promote enjoyment of reading, comprehension, and application of phonics and spelling skills along with guided reading.

Children want to feel successful as they learn to read. That is why each Super Books is 8 pages long, is colorful and fun to read. The program is easy to use, is motivating and easy for teachers to use and just as easy for home schoolers, grandparents and parents.

Ivy Kids Kits – Ivy Kids creates monthly book inspired kits for children ages 3-8. Each kit contains a highly-rated children’s book and over 12 activities inspired by the story. Our kits encourage children to develop math, science, literacy, art, and engineering skills through hands-on play and exploration.

Build Your Library curriculum – Build Your Library curriculum is a K-12 secular, Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool program using captivating literature to inspire young learners. They offer full year all-in-one lesson plans covering history, science, art, literature, poetry, and language arts, as well as many topical unit studies ranging from literature, history, holidays, and science. Their easy to use and flexible lesson plans streamline your homeschooling so that you can enjoy teaching and reading great literature with your children. Build Your Library brings together the best resources and literature on the market to spark curiosity, foster connections in your child’s learning and develop a love of reading. Learn more about our resources here:

Method Test Prep – For nearly 20 years, Method Test Prep has worked with families and schools to offer ACT® and SAT® test prep solutions that are effective and accessible. The Self-Paced Online Program by Method Test Prep offers unlimited access to both ACT® and SAT® prep until the student graduates high school. Method Test Prep also offers cost-effective in-person and online prep classes that establish a strong foundation of content and strategy that students need to improve their ACT® and SAT® scores. One-on-one and small-group tutoring, in-person or online, is also available and can help students maximize your ACT®, SAT®, and academic subject test scores. At Method Test Prep, experts work with each student’s unique learning style to increase scores, earn more financial aid, and get into the school of his or her dreams. Students will see a significant improvement in test scores with use of Method Test Prep’s products and services.

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum – Cadron Creek Curriculum provides parents and teachers with sound academic materials for training in scholarship and godliness. As the home of the unique literature-based unit study, Cadron Creekoffers these highly effective materials as well as a variety of helpful books.

Bible Study Guide For All Ages – The Bible Study Guide is Bible curriculum for homeschool that helps kids learn the contents of the entire Bible while teaching them HOW to apply what they are learning to their lives.

This study engages and challenges kids, yet requires little to no parent preparation. All ages can study the same Bible text at the same time at their own ability level.

The Bible Study Guide uses engaging illustrations with activities to bring the Bible contents to life. A time line helps them understand the overall story of the Bible and how their current learning fits into God’s overall plan. Interactive maps help them understand the relationships of places in the Bible and a review system ensures that what they have learned in the past stays with them. Memory work, songs, purposeful games and application activities are all part of this complete, yet simple, Bible curriculum.

Urban Cheesecraft – Urban Cheesecraft helps beginners of all ages make delicious easy cheeses via their fun kits and books. They even have dairy-free options!

Tales of Davy Jones – “Tales of Davy Jones” products are all DIGITAL DOWNLOADS for the computer or tablet offering instant access and saving the costs of audio & video duplication, printing and shipping.

The series begins with the read-along audio adventure “Quetzalcoatl.” 22 Voice Actors – Fully Orchestrated Original Music & Film Quality Sound Effects entice listeners to WATCH with their EARS and SEE with their IMAGINATIONS! Perfect for kids who need a Change of Pace – Special Needs – Reading Challenges.

-Winner “Mom’s Choice Award”
– Inflight entertainment – American Airlines – Delta – Lufthansa & others.

$29.95 Value Pack Includes:
– 2 hour read-along Audio/Video Adventure (computer/tablet)
– 2 hour audio only (tablet or smartphone) Fantastic for Road Trips!
– 52-page workbook by 2-time teacher of the year Judy Brewer.
(UNABRIDGED Print version of “Quetzalcoatl”)
– 34 page coloring book

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum – Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) was founded in 1999 by Dr. Ronald Johnson and his wife Nancy. PAC is a virtues and values-laced curriculum, created in response to a need for academic material that not only was instructional, but motivating and uplifting as well.
PAC is available for grades 7-12 in both print and computer-based formats, designed to be non-intimidating for students plus convenient and non-labor intensive for teachers/parents.

PAC can be found in use across a full spectrum of educational venues: public, charter, private and home-based.
PAC is a family owned and operated curriculum provider, possessing the combined interest and input of both professional educators and committed home-based educational providers.
To learn more about Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum you are invited to visit their website at, or give them a call at (325)-649-0976; comments and questions are welcome.

Royal Fireworks Press – Royal Fireworks Press has been specializing in curricula for exceptional children since 1977. They offer materials with the intellectual heft to challenge and intrigue the best students, enabling teachers and homeschoolers to educate students at the highest levels. Their texts are demanding, never dumbed down; they are wide-ranging, not narrowly focused; they are not worksheet-based or dull drill and practice but instead Socratic and creative. Royal Fireworks’ curricula are the difference between real education and teaching to the test. They offer the opportunity to go beyond the ordinary to enrich children’s lives.

Real Science-4-Kids – Real Science-4-Kids is a comprehensive K-8 science curriculum. Enjoy this logical and sequential approach to real science. They offer two different programs to suit your needs, ‘Exploring the Building Blocks of Science’ Series and the ‘Focus On’ Series.

Reap the benefits of the nourishing upward-spiral approach employed in Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Series. Real Science-4-Kids integrates the 5 core disciplines of science into one convenient book for each grade level in the Building Blocks line. This provides the fundamental scientific building blocks for comprehension, and builds on that foundation in age-appropriate increments.

Looking to focus on one subject at a time? Enjoy the detailed approach of the Focus On Series. This semester-long unit study encourages students to move deeply into one subject at a time, where they can really focus on and grasp scientific concepts in a memorable way.

Let Real Science-4-Kids instill greater scientific curiosity as they encourage students to see, touch, feel, and think about the scientific world they live in.

Bitsbox – Bitsbox is a simple tool that teaches kids ages 6-12 how to code. Here’s how it works:

Every month, kids get a box full of crazyfun coding projects in the mail. Kids follow the instructions to build apps on their computers, and then can play and share the apps on any mobile device. The apps are written in JavaScript, and completely customizable. Each box introduces a new computer science concept, meaning that the longer kids use Bitsbox, the more complex and fun their apps become!

No experience is necessary for kids to learn with Bitsbox—if they can read, they can code! All you need is a device with an Internet browser and a physical keyboard.

Starfall Education Foundation – Starfall Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that creates free and low-cost experiences whereby children can successfully learn through exploration. With the Starfall website curriculum programs, children have fun while learning in an environment of collaboration, wonderment, and play. Starfall activities and lessons teach through positive reinforcement to ensure children become confident, intrinsically motivated, and successful.

Details and about Starfall’s complete Pre-K, Kindergarten English Language Arts, and Kindergarten Math Curricula are available at Visit to see kit components and pricing. A Home Membership to is included free with the purchase of any Homeschool Curriculum Kit.

Character Is Higher Than Intellect – Character Is Higher Than Intellect is based on a 5-level Hierarchy: 1) Self-discipline; 2) Responsible Behavior; 3) Honesty to Self; 4) Honesty to Others; 5) Reverence for Life (for the public school version) and the Creator of Life (for Private Schools and Parents) which encompasses all values. The curricula has a powerful teaching methodology utilizing high-interest media, role-plays, examples and non-examples of the concepts or values being taught. When the methodology is coupled with high-interest stories or scenarios that capture the interest and enthusiasm of the learner , they become involved in the learning process through role plays and other student involvement techniques, then deep, vital learning occurs; also retention, and transfer is maximized. That is because learners remember: 10% of nonsense syllables; 35% of factual material; 50% of what is heard; 65% of what is seen and heard; 100% of what they feel. The lessons in Character Is Higher Than Intellect are designed to be at the feeling, 100% retention level. There is curriculum for every level, written specifically for that level. You’ll love teaching it and watching enthusiastic students learn vital, life-shaping values, principles and concepts

Global Student Network – Founded in 2004, Global Student Network (GSN) provides innovative online curriculum to homeschooling families and partnering schools throughout the world. With over 2000 course offerings including honors, AP, world languages, Christian, and career/technical training, GSN offers a wide range of online curriculum options for students in grades K-12. Homeschool families both nationally and internationally choose GSN because students can work at their own pace on a robust, interactive online learning platform best suited to their learning style. Homeschool families appreciate GSN’s affordable options with anytime enrollment.

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