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Learn to Play is an online music program for all ages that offers live & recorded lessons for more than 17 instruments.

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Learn to Play’s mission is to provide each student with the best materials possible for learning to play music. The Learn to Play series was developed to assist beginning students in becoming truly proficient at reading music.

The goal is to help students have fun while they learn to read music. Because of the number of songs available at each level of learning, the students will be able to accomplish anything they want in music, from becoming a professional musician or music teacher, to simply enjoying themselves with music for the rest of their lives.

In 2005, one single page of music grew to over 20,000! Learn to Play now offers more than 400 books all designed to help students learn how to play an instrument. Learn to Play offers music lessons in guitar, piano, mandolin, violin/fiddle, ukulele, baritone ukulele, banjo, drums & other rhythm instruments, recorder, flute, harmonica, dulcimer and more. Most instrument books are available in 2-3 levels.

Many music teachers will tell you that the biggest issue they have faced in teaching music is that there just isn’t enough easy-to-play music at the beginner level. Lesson books generally present 3 notes and then give the student 2 or 3 songs with those notes. The lessons continue with learning another 3 notes and an additional 2 or 3 songs, etc. The students never have enough songs to practice to actually get good at each new group of notes before having to tackle yet more new notes. As a result, most students do not become good sight-readers; this makes every new song seem difficult. As the music continues to get challenging, the whole process becomes more difficult for the student.

Reading is the key! You can’t learn to read the English language well by using 1 or 2 easy readers. To become a good reader, you will need to read many, many easy readers, gradually increasing your skill level. The more books you read, the better reader you will become and the more enjoyable reading will be. It’s exactly the same with music. If you read well, right from the beginning, the entire learning process will be fun –not a day-to-day struggle.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps beginning students become truly proficient at reading music.
  • Any age or experience can jump right in and start learning music.
  • For one low monthly price of $19.95 (plus the cost of books), one or more individuals in your immediate family can learn to play an instrument.
  • Learn how to play over 17 different instruments.
  • Curriculum is available in 3 levels for most instruments.
  • The series includes a Teacher Manual, primarily for homeschool parents, which offers specific step-by-step information on how to help students take advantage of all the special features of the program.
  • Take one or more lessons each week – it’s all on your time – and it doesn’t cost extra.

“Learn to Play was literally an answer to prayer. After our fourth child became old enough to take piano lessons, we had to quit. We just could not afford $60 per month per child! We were at a local homeschool convention when we found out about Learn to Play, and we signed up immediately! For less than $20 all four of our daughters can take piano lessons. If we are out of town, they can still participate in the lesson or they can make up the lesson when they get home. We also have one taking guitar and another one taking violin! My girls love it because they were sight-reading their music in no time!”

– Tracey Davison, homeschooler

  • Learn to Play Online Music Program


Learn to Play Online Music Program